Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Protein Pancakes

Thanks to being frugal lazy the small boy and I decided not to attend a fundraising event for the high school at a local fast food establishment. This left me a meal short. The boy was content with fish sticks, but I am not a fan and wanted something healthier. 

I did a search for protein pancakes and stumbled on a list from The first recipe on the list looked simple enough. No frou frou ingredients and no crazy prep. My recipe is modified from the original as I did not actually measure the egg whites because.... I don't know. 

1/4c cottage cheese
1/2c oats
6 medium egg whites
1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder

Throw everything in the blender. Make pancakes. Eat.

The batter was very thin and I was nervous about how these would turn out. They do not fluff up either. My recipe made ten pancakes and I ate 5. This recipe is a keeper. If you're craving a golden, fluffy pancake, this isn't the recipe you're going to make. If you're looking to add a healthy recipe to your breakfast routine, this is it. I was pleasantly surprised. I cooked up some frozen berries with a little honey instead of regular syrup as a topping. What a treat! And check out the nutrition info:

Experimenting with new recipes makes me nervous, but I'm glad I ventured outside of my little box for this!

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