Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Love Yourself, Ladies

Today was a weird, emotional day for me.

Earlier in the week, I'd planned my workouts for the week. Today was a run day. While I was packing my stuff, I noticed the pain in my hip/lower back was pretty persistent. I decided while walking out the door I would rest. I've aggravated a muscle and I need to address it. Rest, ice, stretche. Boring.

I haven't been taking a lot of rest days, so I was little panicky. Clearly, not exercising ONE DAY would mean I'll put on 30 pounds. I crave a good workout. I want to hurt. I want to sweat. I want my heart to explode from my chest.

As if being anxious all day wasn't enough I was so hungry. All. Day. My pre-workout snack is oatmeal. I always have a protein shake after a workout. I didn't have the shake because I didn't work out. Boy, have I paid for it. I was starving all day despite drinking water and eating lots of protein. I was so hungry my stomach hurt. Hands to the sky I wasn't starving myself. I'd eaten a reasonable amount (logged it all to be sure I wasn't crazy) but since I hadn't had that extra pack of protein to start, I think I was off.

So, I'm anxious because I took a rest day and I'm ravenous. Naturally, I'd have a horrible body image day. I noticed some new curves (or ones I'd lost and apparently found). I was really angry at myself for not caring for so long.

While I was on Twitter, I saw a tweet from a new organization about a plus size model appearing in an ad in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Really? Seriously??

The model's name is Ashley Graham. And she rocks. We all rock.

Yes. I've put on some weight, but I'm still healthy and that's what is important. I need to love this body. It's not perfect, but it's mine. I need to stop obsessing about what I had. It's gone. I might get it back. I might not. I can be this size and still be healthy, and that's ok.

We are all beautiful.

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