Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday

TGIF!! I hope everyone had a fantastic week! It's been arctic tundra cold in the STL area. My feet are always freezing even with socks and slippers.

1. Blue Monday. Or Tuesday.
I was feeling down earlier in the week. No one reason, just glum. I pulled out some old tricks to help lighten my mood. Music, natural light, snuggles with the small boy. Thank goodness he isn't too old for that yet. I know the time is fast approaching.
I popped in and cranked up one of the new records we picked up on Valentine's Day:

2. Snow Days!
I mentioned a couple weeks ago my love for snow days. Imagine how excited I was when the kiddos were off school two extra days this week plus the holiday Monday! I was so thankful to spend more time with the small boy. I wish the big kids would have been here. I feel like most of the snow days happen when they are at their father's house!
Of course, small boy had to go sledding. We only had a couple inches of snow, but we have a great hill for sledding on the side of the house that's very steep so we only needed a little snow.

3. I mentioned last week the Kate Spade Donut collection, and boy did Mister come through in a big way.

He even bought me a cute aqua colored wallet for the purse since my other was too large for this one. I blame my purse addiction on him. He's an enabler. I'm not going to complain. :)

4. While we were out getting a wallet, Mister bought me a new coat. I adore it. I don't have a nicer jacket and this one from the Michael Kors outlet is adorable.

5. Valentine's Day 
It was awesome! Mister loved his cigar torch and cigar cutter. He got me the most adorable mugs.

We ate a yummy breakfast, went record shopping, grabbed a cup of coffee and brought home our favorite pizza for movie night with the kiddos. It was awesome. 

How was your week?

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Nora said...

The Garden State soundtrack is so wonderful.

I love your donut accessories, although I think they'd make me hungry all the time. :)