Friday, February 13, 2015

Five on Friday

Finally! I had hoped to get a post or two up this week, but I was a little under weather
. I'm feeling better although you can't tell by my voice.

I'm LOVING these two products from the 450 sexy hair line. I use the blow out when my hair is damp and the protect when I'm straightening. They leave my hair super soft without being heavy feeling or greasy. Top notch stuff.

Kate Spade + Darcel Donut Coin Purse
I was goofing around on Pinterest and discovered this little gem. Seriously. How perfectly, adorable is this thing?? It's from a line put out a couple years ago. I'm obsessed with pretty much everything on it, but finding any of the items is nearly impossible. I'm definitely going to keep an eye out! These are must haves for Kate Spade donut lovers.
photo credit Bloomingdales

MISSY ELLIOTT!!!! !!!! !!!!
I've loved Missy for a zillion years or something. You can imagine the fit I had when she made an appearance during the Super Bowl half time show. And to think, I was going to do laundry and skip it. I'm pretty sure Mister thought I was having a seizure. The funny thing? A week before, I was pulling up her videos to introduce the girl to Missy. 
I've been listening to a lot more Missy since then. I cannot believe I hadn't added her back to my lists sooner! Shame on me.

SweetTart Hearts
I have been craving SweetTarts for a while so I picked some up the other day. These are way better than those OTHER heart candies popular at Valentine's Day.

Reading and lattes
I've gotten back into reading over the last month. I still have a difficult time starting new stories, though. This particular book is ok so far. The way scenes are transitioned is odd to me so I end up going back and rereading portions to make sure I haven't skipped something. 
The espresso maker Mister and I got for our anniversary gift is AWESOME! He's gotten quite skilled at making these puppies, and I'm highly adept at drinking them up!

I hope everyone had a great week and you have an even better weekend! 

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