Friday, February 6, 2015

Five on Friday

TGIF, folks!

Maybe it was the headaches, but this week seemed to draaaaag by. It wasn't bad, just long. It's finally Friday! We don't have any big plans other than a birthday party to attend Sunday. I'm excited to spend some time with all of my kiddos and the mister.

Here's five things on my mind this week:

1. Amazon Prime.
The best money ever spent. From two day shipping, to music, instant videos and photo storage, I'm smitten.

2. Old Fashioned Notes
I love my technology, but when it comes to notes, lists and the like, give me good old fashioned paper and pen.

3. Valentine's Day
I love Valentine's Day. Yes. I know it's a fake holiday, but that doesn't mean I can't love it. :) I'm really excited about the gift I got for Mister. I think he'll love it. Well, I hope so any way. Last year was by far the best Valentine's Day ever.
On top of him arriving early, I got to have a big breakfast with him and he gave me the sweetest Valentines. One card for every year of grade school we didn't spend together. I'd commented about how I'd never received ones from a boy especially for me. I assumed that was normal and he thought I was crazy. If you know me, you know there were lots of happy tears. Such a sap.

4. Snow Days
The kids didn't have school Thursday. It was so nice to stay snuggled in bed for a little longer. When I was working, I loathed snow days. Snow days for preschool teachers are awful. You have a couple dozen kids coming you weren't planning on having. Scrambling to find teachers to cover is nearly impossible. Poor parents are stressed because their routines are thrown off. Whew. I'm so happy I'm lucky enough to stay home now.

5. Protein Shakes
I make one every day. I use a vanilla powder so I have a zillion options for mix-ins: spinach, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, cocoa powder, oatmeal. I tried skipping one earlier this week. It resulted in me starving and nearly eating my arm. (Ok. Not really, but you get the point!)


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Jen Cowan said...

Woop - Amazon prime is amazing. I've been saving the $1 with slower shipping so I can get some videos for H to watch when we need them. I hate paying for that kind of stuff!