Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday Weigh-In

This week: +1.4
Last week: didn't weigh
Total: -3.2 (-28.8 from the very beginning)

I don't even know what happened. I did not eat well two weeks ago, but I've been very good this past week. 

This was a blow to the gut.  I'm not trying hard enough. I've got a good plan of action. I'm going to make it work.

What I'm doing to do:
-Monthly weigh-ins instead of weekly. I like to see progress each week, but I can't handle it mentally if the scale doesn't show me what I want. 
- Exercise at least five days a week even if it's just walking on the treadmill.
- Not eat back calories burned unless I need them. I'll try to bank those calories and only use them if I'm really hungry.
- Drink more water. Jen is a runner/mom/blogger I follow on Twitter. She's recently challenged herself to drink a gallon of water a day for a month. I decided "Why not?" 
- Exercise on the day of my cheat meal. This will require a bit more planning, but I think it's doable.
- Continue lifting weights. The big baby in me wanted to ditch weights and only do cardio until I drop some pounds. A brief search on the interwebs said I should stick with the weights, so that's what I'm doing.

I'm picking myself up and dusting myself off. This was a bump in the road. I hoped I'd hit this bump a little farther down the road, but that's life. I'm not a quitter. I can do this. I will.

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