Friday, January 23, 2015

Wednesday Weigh-In

Errrrr. Or not.

I forgot to weight myself the other morning. I was going to weigh on Thursday, but that would shorten the time between weigh-ins so I decided not to.

Food: All of it. In my belly. I do so, so, so good during the week. On the weekends? Not so much. I've really got to stop making excuses (It tastes good. I haven't had this in forever. I'll still be under on calories if I eat this.). One cheat meal a week. That's. It.

Exercise: I lifted 4 days and did cardio 4 days. Running is going GREAT. I'm working my way up to include a third run day. I'm getting frustrated with lifting, mostly my arms. They are bulking up, not toning up at all. I need to look into what I'm doing wrong. My first inclination is to quit, and throw a fit. I can't do that. I'm still going very light on leg days, but I can definitely tell I'm getting stronger.

How's your week? Did you meet your fitness/weight loss goals?

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