Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Small Boy!

Seven??! How?! 

Happy birthday, sweet boy. Seven years has all but flown by to say the least. You've had such a great year. You played basketball and baseball for the first time. You loved basketball right from the start. You didn't love baseball until half way through the season when you got to play catcher the first time. 

You're doing great in first grade so far. Your teacher says you are so excited to be there every day. Reading is a bit of a challenge for you, but you practice a lot and really enjoy doing it. The surprise in your eyes when you're able to read something is priceless. It's almost like magic to you.

You are still without a doubt the most loving, empathetic person I know. You will do anything to make people happy and hate to see anyone upset or hurt. I never tire of your hugs, and it's pretty much the sweetest thing when you run over between soccer periods to give someone a hug. You stop whatever you are doing to tell me you love me no less than 20 times a day. 

You are so incredibly happy all of the time. You always have a smile on your face and you look like you could just burst with joy at any minute. Even your teacher asked if you get so excited about everything at home. Yep!

You love, LOVE to aggravate your father, and I'm no help by laughing. I'd say your dad is getting pay back for havoc he wreaked when he was your age.

You also love to bug your sister. The two of you are always bickering about something. I find it amusing because of the huge age cap. 

You love your brother and he's probably your best friend. You love doing nice things for him like giving him your Minecraft bookmark, and you get so excited when he lets you play with one of his train sets. 

You're not a baby anymore, but you will always be one of my babies. Your father and I are so proud of you and the person you are becoming. I hope you never lose your happiness, your joy, your sense of humor, your innocence, your love. Never stop smiling, little man. We love you so much.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lower Fat Pumpkin Bread That Doesn't Taste Awful!

A couple weeks ago one of my buddies shared a recipe she had just tried for pumpkin bread/muffins. She said it was fantastic. Well, I love all things pumpkin, so I wanted to give it a whirl. The recipe called for a cup of oil and three cups of sugar. I was a little hesitant to try it. I can't really exercise right now, and both mister and I are trying to eat better. I'm sure my friend's recipe is awesome, but I had to find a healthier option.

My Google search landed me on Skinny Taste. I LOVE this website. There are a lot of recipes with basic ingredients I usually have. Here's the original recipe. I did alter it a bit because I didn't have oil or pumpkin pie spice.


-1 1/2 c pumpkin puree (a whole can for most brands)
- 1 1/4 c flour
- 1 c sugar
- 1 t baking soda
- 1 t nutmeg
- 1/2 t cinnamon
- 2 T melted butter
- 2 large egg whites
- 1 1/2 t vanilla

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a loaf pan with nonstick spray.
Combine dry ingredients in a bowl. Set aside.
Combine wet ingredients in a bowl.
Slowly add dry ingredients to wet, being careful not to over mix.
Pour (spread) into the loaf pan.
Bake for 50-60 minutes. 

I cut mine into 12 slices. One slice has 131 calories, 2g fat, 27.5g carbs and 2.4g protein.

The original recipe also calls for salt. I omitted it because the butter I used was salted. I wish I had clove because I think it would have put it over the top, but mister gave this recipe the seal of approval, so I'll just leave it alone. :)

Friday, November 7, 2014

"Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens....."

"These are a few of my favorite things."

Yes. I know there are two other lines in between, but let's not split hairs. :)

Big, big news this week! Oprah released her annual list of Favorite Things. I used to get really excited about checking out the list, but I feel the items get more and more extravagant each year. I mean. She's Oprah. She's got the dough for it, but $265 for body scrubs is a little much for my pocket book.

Oprah did inspire me to put together my own list of Favorite Things. Mr. T and Grace pointed out that most of the things on my list I do not actually own, so it should be a Wish List. They are sticklers, I tell you!

                                        Cece's Favorite Things  Wish List (or whatever)

1. Flipbelt (wish)- The FlipBelt looks awesome. The belt I'm currently using is falling apart. What makes FlipBelt amazing is that there's no zipper to mess with. This may not seem like a huge deal, but let me tell ya. That seems like that would be a whole lot easier than fumbling around in my pouch especially when you don't really want to stop mid run.

2. Stila Lip Glaze (have)- I LOVE the Lip Glazes from Stila. I randomly grabbed a pack of these because I wanted to try something new, and these were near the checkout lines. I love that it provides just a hint of color and a touch of shine. Your lips don't look like a wet, sloppy mess.

3. Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara (have)- A lot of people poopoo on Clinique, but I love them for their eye makeup. I have extremely sensitive eyes, and Clinique gives me zero trouble. I picked this mascara up at the suggestion of the sales lady. I wanted something a little more dramatic for my brother's wedding. I love the coverage and how full my lashes look.

4. Garmin Forerunner 220 (wish)- I have a basic, purple Garmin, but I'm not in love with it. The battery doesn't last long enough for marathon training (or I'm too slow), and it loses signal easily. This model looks amazing, and I know several people that have it and love it.

5. iphone 6 (wish)- This is the iPhone I've been wanting forever!! It's exactly what I want in a phone. 

6. FitBit Flex (wish)- I wanted one of these when they first came out, but never pulled the trigger on purchasing one because I was close to my fitness and wellness goal. I thought it was an excessive purchase when I only needed to lose ten or so pounds. Well, I'm pretty far from this goal. I think the FitBit would give me the kick in the pants I need to turn my habits back around.

7. Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise (wish)- Mister supports my purse habit so I totally blame him for my addiction. He's an enabler. :) I LOVE the silhouette of this purse. It's beautiful. And the colors? The Celeste Blue, Ballet Slipper and Rosey Dawn are AMAZING. 

8. Michael Kors Sutton Satchel (wish)- I stumbled on this purse by complete accident. This is another style that I fell in love with. I'm really loving the Raspberry color even though it's brighter than anything I've ever carried. Adorable.

9. Lancome La Vie Est Belle (wish)- I was browsing through the catalog of a makeup store in the area, and this was one of the insert samples. I might NEED this. The scent is beautiful. It's not over powering and almost smells a bit sweet. Never have I smelled a perfume and thought, "Boy. I like this." Until I found this. Seriously. Go sniff it.

10. Michael Kors Fulton Wallet (wish)- I love the simplicity of this wallet. It's neutral and would work with any of my purses. 

What are some of your favorite things or some goodies you'd like Santa to bring this year?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Random Recap

Happy Hump Day!

Can you believe it's November already? I sure can't!

-I'm a week post surgery, and I'm doing pretty good. Days five and six were more difficult than any other. I haven't had to rely on pain relievers much this go around, so I'm pretty proud of that. I've been doing my exercises daily. My hope is this will lead to me running sooner, but I know this is wishful thinking.

-Mister had to fly out the night of my surgery, leaving the girl in charge of taking care of dinner, etc. A did a fantastic job while mister was gone. I'm so proud of her for stepping up without so much a blink of an eye. She even got onto her brothers for not helping me more. Funny girl.

-My sister ran her first marathon over the weekend, and my aunt ran two half marathons. Words cannot express how proud (and jealous) I am of these two ladies. Way to rock it!

- My parents surprised the small boy when they showed up at his soccer game. He ran over between periods to give them big hugs. They came back to the house, and we had a great, relaxing evening.

- D3 is going to be seven years old soon. :(

- I've started a little Christmas shopping for our nieces and nephews. I haven't started for our own kiddos yet. They keep changing their minds, so I'm going to wait a couple more weeks to see if the major wants change.

- The older I get, the more difficult time change is on me. Instead of using toner while washing my face the other night, I used nail polish remover. O_o

- I took fall photos of the kiddos a couple weeks ago. I finally felt up to editing them the other day. Holy cow. We laughed so hard. Small boy loves to pose. Like, REALLY loves it. A acted silly for some of hers but we got a lot of great shots. For as much as the small boy and A love having their photos taken, Mr. T HATES it. I can't blame him. I'm not the biggest fan either.

What's going on in your world?