Friday, October 24, 2014

101 Things in 1001 Days

I've attempted this a couple of times in the past, but never put a lot of effort into it. I never had enough time. I have a bit more time these days, so I figured it was the perfect time to make a new list and try this again!

Hop on over to the Day Zero Project site to see what it's all about.

I made the list a while ago, but am just now getting around to posting it here.

Start Date: 10/01/2014
End Date: 6/28/2017

1. Run another marathon
2. PR marathon time
3. Reduce BMI
4. Complete 100 push up challenge
5. Run a 10k
6. PR half marathon time
7. PR 5k time
8. Plank a day
9. Run 5k with family
10. Join a local group run for training

11. Move
12. Organize shoes
13. Make a creation with sewing machine
14. Crochet a blanket
15. Buy espresso maker
16. Buy new dinnerware
17. Buy new flatware
18. Buy new drinking glasses

19. Visit Critter Lane
20. Visit Elephant Rock
21. Visit Hannibal
22. See Polar Express event
23. 5 mom/daughter nights with A (0/5)
24. 5 mom/son nights with T (0/5)
25. 5 mom/son nights with D (0/5)
26. See a movie at the drive in
27. Teach Aubrey to drive

28. Date night/day once a month (0/32)
29. Random act of kindness a month (0/32)
30. Journal once a week (0/143)
31. Go on a real vacation
32. Help him train for half marathon
33. Golf 18 holes with him
34. See A Christmas Tale

35. Pay for the person behind me in drive thru
36. Leave case of water at local run trail
37. 10 Random acts of kindness for family and friends (0/10)
38. Leave 100% tip at a restaurant
39. Host a holiday for family at our home
40. Lunch for work buddies
41. Leave a gift card in public for stranger
42. Leave a scratch off ticket in public for stranger

43. Lunch/dinner with friend or family once a month (0/32)
44. Start personal blog on own site
45. Start blog/website with hubby
46. Try 10 new to me restaurants
47. Attend an NHL game
48. Attend a MLB game
49. Attend a NFL game
50. Go to Cardinals spring training game
51. Tour a brewery
52. See the St. Louis Symphony
53. Go to the Muny
54. Visit winery
55. Visit St. Louis Art Museum
56. Try 25 new beers (0/25)
57. Visit 10 new donut shops (0/10)

58. Find and complete one month photo challenge
59. Do a newborn shoot
60. Do an engagement shoot
61. Take family photos
62. Take photos of kids each season (0/11)
63. Take photos of each completed task (0/101)
64. Make a Summer 2014 book

65. Get 5 manicures (0/5)
66. Get 5 pedicures (0/5)
67. Start personal journal
68. Read 50 books (0/50)
69. Get contact lenses
70. Get new classes
71. Buy sunglasses
72. Get highlights/color/something different for hair
73. Change tattoo
74. Complete at home Bible study
75. Buy an apron
76. Write one blog post a week (0/143)
77. One day juice fast

78. Purchase jumper cables for my vehicle
79. Purchase jumper cables for mister's vehicle
80. Buy new car for Mister
81. Put first aid kit in my vehicle
82. Put first aid kit in mister's vehicle
83. Clean vehicle once a month (0/32)
84. Check tire pressure once a month (0/32)
85. Get oil changes every three months I think that should be 11 (0/11)

86. Pay off mister's car
87. Pay off credit card
88. Learn about stocks
89. Invest in a stock
90. Save all loose change during the challenge
91. Put $10 in savings for each task completed
92. Donate $20 to charity for each task NOT completed

In the Kitchen
93. Make tortillas from scratch
94. Make cake from scratch
95. Make bread from scratch
96. Make at least one week of freezer meals
97. Make real donuts from scratch
98. Make lemonade
99. Make 10 recipes from Pinterest
100. Make 10 cereal recipes
101. Organize favorite recipes

I think what I will do is a monthly post going over any of the tasks that I have completed. Doing a post for every single task will get a little monotonous.

Do you have any goals you've set?

Monday, October 20, 2014

And I say, "Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey".......

I said, "Hey. What's going on?"

A whole lot and nothing all at once!

I've been busy for the past month. I photographed my brother's wedding and editing photos takes Whew. It was really a lot of fun, and I smiled so much during the editing process.

Notice the lack of workout recaps? Oh, come on. You know you've missed hearing about my runs!! Well, you aren't missing much. I've run very little since my last post. Between some medical procedures and testing, I've not felt up to running. The two times I did run were horrid. I'm talking the absolute worst runs I've ever had in my ENTIRE life. No exaggerating. I felt as if I were running in quicksand with lead weights on my ankles. I'm not going to lie. It broke me.

I took the rest of that week off from running and stuck to cross training and weight lifting. I headed back out for another run, and I was pretty optimistic. Then, my knee started hurting.

Long story a wee bit shorter, I'm having knee surgery in a week. I've got a lot of rough cartilage under my knee cap, so the good doc is going to clean it up. The MRI didn't show a tear in my meniscus like he was originally thinking, which is good news. I forgot to ask what else could be the cause of the pain in that area.

I'm looking forward to getting this over with and RUNNING. I'm enjoying cross training, but I need to run. I feel like me when I'm on the road. Nothing compares to that high. Not the bike. Not they elliptical.

I'm not sure what's in my immediate future. We'll discuss recovery and all those details next week. If I'm being optimistic, I'd like to return to Michigan for another Martian Marathon. Of course, I've got my eyes set on the rolling hills of Hospital Hill Run in Kansas City,

What have you been up to?