Sunday, September 7, 2014

Workout Recap 08-31-2014

I started lifting weights this week!! I'm incredibly weak, but still very excited to work on my strength and tone up. I was sore every day I lifted, but it hurts so good.

Sunday- Rest

Monday- Lazy day. Mister was home, so I decided to just hang out.

Tuesday-  Strength training (upper body A) and walk/run

Wednesday- Strength Training (lower body A and abs) and walk/run

Thursday- Strength training (upper body B and abs)

Friday- Strength training (lower body A and abs) and walk/run

Running on leg days is HARD. This week will not be a typical week. I'll lift M, T, Th, F and walk/run M, W, F. The gym was closed Monday. I suppose I could have doubled up a work out, but I didn't put much thought into it.

I'm looking forward to increasing my run times next week from two minutes to three minutes.

I've also noticed my hip isn't hurting like it has been turning rest periods. I'm thinking the weights may be helping a bit. I'm so excited for this!


Nora said...

It's great you're lifting weights. I always want to but I haven't been able to stick with a routine.

Cecilia said...

I typically burn out quickly because I don't go in with a plan other than legs one day and arms another. This plan doesn't repeat exercises during the week. I'm hoping that helps.