Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pizza Waffles

I love Pinterest. I don't actually make a lot of the awesome things I find because I'm not very adventurous. Ok. Trying new things is down right terrifying to me.

Some time ago, I found a Pin for a recipe called Pizza Waffles. I decided last week was a good time to finally try them. Who doesn't love pizza or waffles?

-Can of large biscuits (I used buttermilk. I intended to make my own biscuits because it's very cheap and easy, but I remember being incredibly tired this particular day.)
-sliced mozzarella cheese
-mini pepperoni, if desired
-veggies, if desired
-cooked sausage, if desired
-pizza or pasta sauce (I threw together a quick homemade sauce. Yeah. Too tired to make homemade biscuits but not sauce. Doesn't make sense. See how tired I was!!)

1. Turn on waffle iron. (My iron has multiple settings from 1-5. I used 3 for these.)
2. Slice biscuits to form a pocket.
3. Stuff the pocket with whatever filling you'd like: cheese, meat, veggies
4. Shmoosh the sides to seal the pocket.
5. Shmoosh the entire biscuit to make a little flatter.
6. Place biscuit on the center of the iron and cook away.
7. Enjoy!

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