Friday, September 12, 2014

Five on Friday!

1. I'm loving this weather! A cool front has passed through and dropped the temperatures 20-30 degrees. Hello? AWESOME!

2. Running. I'm running. Like really running. I decided to just try it and see how it felt. I did around a mile and a half and walked the rest. Easy does it. I'll increase the mileage as time goes on, but it feels so good!

3. Hoodies. Who doesn't love a hoodie? Does it really get any better than wearing a hoodie and sweats while watching football? I think not. Well, maybe a tray of wings and nachos to go along with it. And beer.

4. Donuts! There's a new donut shop going in nearby, and I cannot wait to try it out! I'm hearing rumors on their affiliation with another shop that I LOVE, so this news makes me antsy for it to finally open.

5. iPhone 6. ZOMG. I cannot wait until my upgrade in December. I've been trying to love my Galaxy s4, but the Android operating system and I are not friends. Ok. I flat out hate Android. I like that you can customize several aspects, but the phone is sloooooooooow. I've read up on what I need to do to remedy this, and I've seen very little improvements. 

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