Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"It's My (Pity) Party......."

"......and I'll cry if I want to." 
More like throw a big, old hissy fit and cry.

I've been quiet because I didn't want to whine, but I need to get this off my chest. I'm injured. :(

I'm visiting the doc today to discuss my knees and IT band. Rest hasn't helped. I'm having a lot of pain. Walking hurts. Stairs hurt. Sit-ups hurt. Running? Yeah, right. My breaking point came last week when I attempted to sit on a bucket to catch for my daughter. Bending my knee hurt. The older kiddos could tell I hurt. They stepped up while we practiced, though. Tater caught for his sister, and Grace threw the ball with D3. Love those kids. 

Not exercising is hard for me mentally. Exercise is my release, and now, it's gone. I'm trying not to expect the worst: a world in which I'm not able to run again. I know. A little dooms day, but it's my frame of mind right now. I'm trying to find things to keep my spirits up: cleaning, reading, games, and of course, loads of things with the kids. 

Today's the day. I'm ready to see what the immediate future holds. Fingers crossed.

What do you do to loft your spirits?

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Nora said...

Ugh, so sorry! The not knowing is the worst. I'm thankful I can run butI don't know how many miles I can run in a week so I'm not sure if I should train for anything. I'm not great at waiting without knowing!