Sunday, March 30, 2014

Marking training: Week 13

Total mileage: 24

Monday- 8 miles
Nothing remarkable. Logged this one on the treadmill since the small boy was off school and the bug kids were at their dad's. 

Tuesday- rest

Wednesday- rest
Not a scheduled rest day. My knee was feeling sore, so I decided to rest another day. This is the first time during my training my knee has given me any trouble at all. I call that a success. 

Thursday- rest
I did shoot some hoops with my daughter. Whoa. My knees can handle running 24 miles, but shooting a jump shot? Ha. 

Friday- 12 miles
It was over before it started. 

Saturday- rest

Sunday- 4 miles
I did this on the treadmill too because I was too lazy to drive to the park for a measly 4 miles.

Thirteen days and counting. I can't wait to add a 26.2 sticker to my vehicle!

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Meg @ Meg-in-Training said...

Cant wait to hear how the big 26.2 goes. You are going to rock it. Keep up the good work and good luck with taper!