Sunday, March 2, 2014

Marathon training: Week 9

Total Mileage: 35

What. What!?! Glad to finally see that number going up. My times weren't the fastest this week, but I'm getting over it. Training is really going great, and I couldn't be happier about that.

Monday: 6 
 I wanted to do 8-10 since I took Sunday off, but I slacked. I did run hills. I hoped to log a few miles with mister, but we didn't have time.

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 7 on the dreadmill
What better way to pass time on the treddy than watching Casey Affleck in Gone Baby Gone? Fantastic movie. Casey is much better at acting than his brother. Ben is a prett fantastic director, though.
I was going to run outside but D3 and mister were both sick. I wanted to be close in case either one needed anything.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 18
I wasn't too excited about this run. I was cold and tired, but knew I needed to get moving. Running the trail can get a bit boring, but it sure makes it easy to take water and snack breaks. The biggest slap in the face? They were unloading Girl Scout cookies at a lot right by the trail. Not fair. Of course, I got my cheese fries and chocolate malt immediately after this. And, a BLT. 

Saturday: rest
I did stretch a lot. My legs were pretty sore when I got home Friday. I was surprised when they were loose by Saturday morning. I was sure I'd be hobbling still. 

Sunday: 4 on the treddy
I wasn't going to run, but I was bored. And, guilt stricken. I haven't ran a fourth day many times during my training. The only good excuse I had was a ridiculously full belly from overindulging at breakfast. It had been four hours since I had eaten, but whew..... My legs felt great, but I had to stop at four. My tummy was over it. This run's movie was Minority Report. I'm not the biggest Cruise fan, but I like that flick. 

I have to say, I'm pretty satisfied with this week. I only have six week left until race day, ahhhhhh!!

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