Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Marathon Training: Week 10

Total mileage: 33

Monday: Sick
I wrapped up last week feeling a little icky. I attributed my upset stomach to overeating at breakfast even though it had been five hours. Turns out, I had a but of the stomach but that was going around. Fortunately, it wasn't very severe, but I was in no shape to run my scheduled run today.

Tuesday: The Blahs
I fully intended on running, but when it came time to hop on the treadmill, I was still pretty beat from being sick. My motto this time around has been train smart. Run smart. Listen to my body. Another day of rest was definitely in order.

Wednesday: 7
 I FINALLY feel human again. The park route is still covered in ice/snow so I take to the hills of the town. There were few patches of ice and traffic slowed me down a bit. I was only able to get 5 on the street. I logged two more on the treadmill when I got home. 

Thursday: rest

Friday: 20

I ran this without music, which isn't the first time I've done such a thing. I can't find the proper size in a particular listening device. I've had no issue because my headband held them in place. This run was going to be warmer, so a headband would be foolish. Instead of messing with the earbuds and getting agitated, I decided I'd run without. 
It was about 43 degrees when I headed out. Knowing how hot I get, I figured I'd wear my compression shorts and a tee. Excellent choice. The temps warmed quickly with the sun out, and I felt great. I did feel silly because every other runner I saw at that time had on full winter gear including head protection. :)

Saturday: rest
I help coach basketball on Saturdays. Rest is a term I use loosely. I have to say my legs felt fantastic. I felt better after my 20 miler than my 18 miler the week before. Bodies are so weird.

Sunday: 6
I was irritable for no good reason. I decided to head out with just my shoes and my phone. No Garmin. No music. Just me and the trail. Good choice. I felt more human when I finished.

Despite only running three days this week, I felt fantastic. My legs never felt dead or tired. I'm going to repeat my post long run drink combo of water, Gatorade and a protein shake and see if I can yield the same results. 

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