Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Marathon Training: Week 8

Total mileage: 23

This was a cut back week. Since I had taken off a couple weeks ago, I was hesitant to scale back, but mister said I should stick with what the plan says. Okie dokie.

Monday: 7 miles on the treadmill. Meh.

Tuesday: Rest

I put in 6 miles in my new kicks. My Garmin died so I didn't get a shot of that. Sadz. The shoes were pretty fantastic.

Thursday: rest

Friday: 10 miles 
I wasn't really excited about starting this run. It was WINDY. On hills. Kill me. Glad I finished it though.

Saturday: rest

Sunday: rest
I tweaked my ankle on my Wednesday run. I decided to take it easy since it was a cut back week. Sigh.

Overall, I'm happy with my times for the week but not really pleased about my totals. I need to get that number up, but I also need to run smart so I don't really injure myself. 


Nora said...

What kind of shoes are those? I like the colors!

Cecilia said...

They are Scott eRide AF trainer 2.0. I love them so far. Lightweight but a lot of cushion for marathon training.