Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Marathon Training: Week 8

Total mileage: 23

This was a cut back week. Since I had taken off a couple weeks ago, I was hesitant to scale back, but mister said I should stick with what the plan says. Okie dokie.

Monday: 7 miles on the treadmill. Meh.

Tuesday: Rest

I put in 6 miles in my new kicks. My Garmin died so I didn't get a shot of that. Sadz. The shoes were pretty fantastic.

Thursday: rest

Friday: 10 miles 
I wasn't really excited about starting this run. It was WINDY. On hills. Kill me. Glad I finished it though.

Saturday: rest

Sunday: rest
I tweaked my ankle on my Wednesday run. I decided to take it easy since it was a cut back week. Sigh.

Overall, I'm happy with my times for the week but not really pleased about my totals. I need to get that number up, but I also need to run smart so I don't really injure myself. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Marathon Training: Week 7 & Week 8

Total mileage for week 7: 3
I had a pain in my calf/Achilles so I decided to play it safe and not run for a week. I hopped on the treadmill Sunday and prayed for the best. I was pumped when I was able to crank out three pain free miles. Back in business!!

Total mileage for week 8: 29.25
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 6.25 miles
I was so excited to get outdoors and try out my new Garmin. Mister got it for me for Valentine's Day. When I got to the park, I was bummed to see the road wasn't cleared at all so I figured my route wouldn't be clear either. Sad. I debated on just going to run on the treadmill, but decided to attempt to run. I was a little worried about the snow because I didn't want to hurt my leg again. Not only was the route completely covered but the snow was still fluffy. I regretted not bringing my Yak Trax. Half a mile in, I decided to only run a mile outside. That turned into finishing the loop. I took my time. I can't remember the last time I ran that slow. Eek. I finished up the rest on the treadmill. 

Wednesday: 7 miles 
Yes. On the treadmill. I knew I was not going to run outside. No point in risking injury. I was tired as heck and didn't want to run but knew I needed to get something finished. I hopped on and was disappointed when I felt a pain in my knee. No biggie. I'll finish one mile and see how I feel after that. Ok. Two down and still doing good. Alright, I'll definitely stop at five. Or, I'll just finish the whole darn thing. :)

Thursday: rest

Friday: long run turned into rest day since it was raining and 33 out. They were calling for snow. To be honest, I have no problems at all running in snow. Actually, I love it. It's so calming. Rain and cold? Nope. 

Saturday: 16 miles
I had to run this between the kiddo's basketball games. I like to knock my long run out first thing in the morning, but that wasn't an option. I sucked it up and pounded it out. I intended to run on the trail, but was disappointed when I arrived and saw a good portion of it covered in ice. No thanks. I decided to head back and just run on the sidewalks. I wrapped up eleven and thought I'd just finish a loop in the park. Which would have been super if there hadn't been, you guessed it, more ice. Gah! I didn't want to run the same route I had just finished so I decided to run north and explore new land. I only slipped once and managed to not seriously injure myself in the process. Go, me! 

I'm really excited about my pace for this run. Since I had taken the prior week off, I was afraid I'd lose my mojo. I just ran by feel the entire time. I let my legs guide me. I only stopped the watch at lights and not at every stop I had to make at side roads or parking lots. I'm really good about forgetting to restart my Garmin, and I wanted to see that 16 on there. I really wasn't too concerned with time, just the distance. 
Sunday: rest
This was a scheduled run day, but I'm moving my days around a bit. I'm going to run on Mondays since I'm off work. I would have run Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I know my knees, and there's no wy they could handle that. My new run days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. I think this is going to work out better than my previous schedule. 

I've officially gone past the halfway threshold as far as mileage is concerned. I'm not in the home stretch by any means, but it feels good to hit that milestone.