Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Marathon Training: Week 6

Total mileage: 24.1

Monday: 2 miles with Mister
It. Was. Cold. Ten degrees with a windchill of negative ten. 

Tuesday: fast 5k
Still cold. About seventeen degrees. Heat wave in the Midwest. Look out! I intended to run 6 miles, but about a mile in, my big toe went numb and started hurting. I decided to quicken my pace and sun a fast 3.1. I didn't want to over compensate for the pain in my toe and screw up something in my stride. 

Wednesday: 6 miles
I made the brilliant decision to run in shorts since the temperature reached a warm 34 degrees. Bad life choice. Well, forgetting to apply Bodyglide on my thighs was the true poor life choice. Goosebumps plus chub rub equals the worst pain ever. Needless to say, I waddled around for the rest of the evening.

Thursday: rest

Friday: 13 miles

The run was great. It's really sad when the long runs are becoming my favorite. I don't know if it's the lack of pressure or fresh legs, but I'm sure digging them. I was worried about my toe hurting because it was still pretty cold out. No toe pain at all, which leads me to believe this is related to being on my feet most of the day at work and then running. This is definitely a relief but annoying also. Being a preschool teacher, you don't have the option to sit more on the job. Maybe a change in footwear will result in less pain for my mid week runs. 
Don't worry. That was a Parks Department truck on the trail, but aggravating nonetheless playing leapfrog with it.
I guess it's not really electric since it's in quotes??
I don't condone vandalization of public property, but that is probably one of the prettiest graffitis I've seen. 

Saturday: rest

Sunday: ZERO >:(
I had some pain in my calf/Achilles area and figured it was best to take an extra day off. I almost slipped into my shoes to at least walk a couple miles, but a Twitter friend talked me out of it. I'm hoping the pain is just from overuse and is nothing serious. Running smart is more import than getting those miles. If I push too hard, I may not be able to run that 26.2. But it's so hard!!!!

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