Saturday, January 25, 2014

Marathon Training: Week 5

Total mileage: 22

Monday: yoga
My hips and lower back have been very tight, so I thought I'd give yoga a whirl. I always thought I was pretty flexible and graceful, until today. Whoa. I'm not very limber, and I kept tipping over. I did enjoy the workout. 

Tuesday: bailed on speed work
My lower legs HURT. I wore a different pair of shoes to work for just a bit because of the snow. I changed after and couple hours, but the damage had been done. I decided not to mess with my fast 5k. First and foremost, I need to run smart and listen to my body. Instead of running, I ate pancakes. 

Wednesday: 6 miles
I forgot my Garmin, but wasn't going to let that stop me. I needed these miles like I need air to breathe. I know the turn around point, and had to hurry because I had to pick the kiddo up from school. This was a bit of a challenge because of the snow and ice all over the route. I did it though. I figured it was right around 9 minute miles. (Side note: my stride changes when running on the snow and ice. I can feel different muscles working. I dislike this because I never fall into a groove. I couldn't run the other route that was clear because of traffic. Lame.)

Thursday: rest

Friday: 11 miles

This. Run. Oh, this run. Every other Friday, I work just a couple hours to help with the morning routine (more on work in another post). Not a big deal. I'm up at that time any way, and I'll still have plenty of time to long run before getting my kids from school. Except this day, I ended up having to work. I was sad. I wanted cheese fries. I won't get cheese fries unless I've done my long run. I stressed and fretted about when I'd be able to run and how far. I knew I'd have time for a good six at the very least, which means I would cover the lost miles from Tuesday. Huge positive. The long run could happen Sunday. Stinky, but definitely not the end of the world.
     Meanwhile, I have NO FOOD with me besides my pre run snacks. First world problems, right? Yes!! I've been really keeping a close eye on my macros so I don't want to just snack on random things we have at work. I'm a bit concerned about running anything more than six because of poor fueling. I broke down and ate a poptart I had stashed for my kids. I was startling to feel lightheaded and figured the sugar would help me later. 
     I left work earlier than I had planned, and started running numbers in my head. If I hurried, I could bust out 8 miles on the ground and finish the last 3 up on the treadmill. It's been bitter cold, so the closed route was still icy, but I knocked it out. Long runs should be done at a slower pace. I know this, but I didn't have that option. I'd deal with the consequences tomorrow.
     The last 3 miles on the 'mill were rough. I had to stop and grab some animal crackers before I bonked. Long running after being on my feet all day was not one of my best life choices, but I wanted those cheese fries, and I wasn't going to let anything stop me. 

Saturday: ab work

Sunday: 5 miles
I took it easy, which was hard. I'm slow. Very slow. I'm not handling it well either.

Here's to an awesome week 6!

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