Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Donut Standings

Also titled, the last donut review you'll see for a while. Am I giving up on the yummy pastries?! Ha. Not a chance. I'm just running out of local places to review and ten weeks is a good time to end it. I plan on reviewing other shops when I come across them. I can't NOT try new donuts. It would be crime.

I had a lot of fun trying out all of these new to me places. A couple of things I've learned along the way:
Most shops are either really good at cake donuts or yeast donuts, but typically not both.
A lot of shops are still cash only.
There are a LOT of good donuts in St. Louis. I can never move from this area for this reason alone.

I took the top three scores from each group and did an overall score. Let's see who's the best!

Best Glazed
1. Old Town Florissant- 5 stars
1. Donut Stop- 5 stars
3. Donut Cafe-4.5 stars

Best Custard
1. Eddie's Southtown Donuts- 5 stars
2. Donut Stop- 4.5 stars
2. Old Town Florissant- 4.5 stars

Best Vanilla Iced Cake
1. Donut Stop- 5 stars
2. Eddie's Southtown Donuts- 4.5 stars
3. Olde Towne Fenton- 4 stars

Best Fritter
1. Donut Stop- 5 stars
1. Eddie's Southtown- 5 stars
1. Old Town Florissant- 5 stars

Overall Rankings
1. Donut Stop
2. Eddie's Southtown
3. Old Town Florissant
4. Wentzville Donut Cafe
5. Harter Bakery
5. Ex-cop Donut Shop
5. Olde Towne in Fenton
8. Donut Drive-In
9. World's Fair Donuts
10. Tony's Donuts

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