Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Marathon Training: Week 1

Total mileage: 18

I've officially started marathon training. And, I officially started marathon training a couple weeks late. I had hoped to have a solid base of 7-10 miles, but I slacked off. A lot. I will have 16 weeks of training before the race. I'm pretty confident I can make up the mileage without overdoing it. That being said, my legs were TIRED this week. Tripling the mileage from the previous week was a bit of a shock for the old gams, but it was nothing more than weak, achy legs. 

Here's how the week went.

Monday- rest

Tuesday- 4 miles on the treddy and 15 minute ab work 

Wednesday- rest


Saturday- rest

Sunday- Because my legs were so tired, I figured it was best to run my flat route which is an out and back. I knew I'd be slower, and this was the exact time I was wanting.

This song is one of the best on the album. I think I say that about half their songs, though.

This route isn't very pretty if it's not covered in snow. The deer carcass someone discarded wasn't very pretty either. Way to go, Jefferson County! 

I saw a family running that day. I thought it was very cute, but they annoyed me a bit. Part of the route is closed to traffic but a mile of it is on open road. The family ran three across on the RIGHT side of the road. Typically, people run on the left side on public streets and fall into a single line when cars come. They did not. I know. A silly gripe, but I don't want them giving area runners a bad name! :)

How was your week?


Julie said...

Are you training for the GO! Marathon? I have a friend who is going to Disney this week to run in 4 of their races. I give her kudos cause that would be rough.-

Cecilia said...

Are they doing the GoofyChallenge?? That's on my bucket list. I'm running the Martian Marathon in Michigan. I wanted a race with a string likelihood of it being cooler. I did the Go! Half one year and it was 70 at race time. It was awful for my first half.

Nora said...

Great work! I'm training for the Go! Half soon and am looking forward to getting back to a structured plan.

Meg @ Meg-in-Training said...

Way to go Chica! You are totally going to rock the full marathon. I'm so in awe of your running abilities. I miss it. Look forward to following your training!