Monday, November 18, 2013

Workouts for Week of 11/10/2013

Total mileage: 17.33 miles.

Sunday my legs were heavy. I mean HEAVY. I didn't hit a good groove until after the fourth mile. The first four miles were all above nine minute miles. Ick. Not just ick, but I struggled to pound those out. Miles five and six felt a lot better. I wanted to tack on more, but Tater had asked to run with me so I figured I would hold off.

Tuesday's run was on the treadmill. It was windy and cold. I didn't want any of that.

Thursday I was crunched for time. I got out of work late and forgot my sports bra at home. Meh. I had to pick D3 from school so I was faced with two choices: cut my run short or run faster. I went for speed. My legs felt good and I really didn't have to put a lot of effort into the run.

Saturday I was short on time again. I really wanted to get 8 in, but I wouldn't have time before soccer thanks to a later start. Run short or run fast? Again, I went with speed. My legs felt amazing. My knee was a bit sore at first, but then I was booking it.

I was really hoping to up the miles this week, but my knee said, "Pft. Not a chance, Sister." I'm learning to listen to my body. It's a hard thing to do because my brain is often louder than my body. Here's to a better week this week.

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