Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 4 Donut Review: Ex Cop Donut Shop

Ex Cop Donut Shop is located in Oakville, Missouri. It's owned by, used guessed it, two ex cops! How fantastic is this name? They have a shirt in their shop that said, "How many donuts have you had tonight?" I kind of need that shirt. The open sign says "On Duty." Love it.

Ex Cop didn't have any coconut cake so I settled for the white iced cake. The donut is a decent size, but seems a bit thin compared to a lot of other donuts. I don't think it was less of a product but shaped differently. Not a negative attribute just something I observed. The icing is on the thin side. I'm not a fan of sweet icings and this was probably the sweetest I've had so far. Mind you, this is totally a personal preference and I know there are many people who enjoy that type of icing. The icing didn't have much of a vanilla taste, but almost a powdered sugar taste to it. The cake was delicious. The texture was a spongy but didn't detract from the taste of the donut.
My Score 2.5 stars out of 5: The actual donut was very good, but the icing definitely took a way from the over all score for me.

The custard donut is a decent size and doesn't have a uniform shape, which I really love for some reason. I love that it's not too perfect. The icing coverage on this donut is good and the color is lighter. The icing was the sweeter variety that doesn't have a lot of chocolate punch to it. Again, not bad, just a small let down for my chocoholic self. The dough is great. It's very light and airy and tastes very good. Not too sweet. The custard tastes phenomenal but was a little lacking. I had to take three bites before I struck gold. 
My Score 3 stars out of 5:  As you can imagine, the icing brought this score down a bit, but the rest of the donut was pretty fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised. A good custard donut is very hard to find.

The glazed donut is also a good size. It doesn't appear to have a very thick glaze. Ex Cop has done a great job with their yeast base. The glazed donut was light and airy also. I love that quality. The glazed ended up being a bit thicker than I had first thought it would be. It was slightly sweet, but not too strong since the dough is on the neutral side. It worked for me.
My Score 3.5 stars out of 5: The glaze on the donut was a bit thick, but this was still very good. You'd be surprised at how many bad glazed donuts I have had in my life time. This was not one of them. A+

Mister said the blueberry fritter didn't taste like a fritter. It had more of a donut consistency. They didn't skimp on the blueberries and the glaze was a little thick and on the sweet side as with the glazed donut.
His Score 3 stars out of 5: If this were a donut instead of a fritter, it would have been at least 4 stars. While it was lacking in fritter qualities, it was still very tasty and cooked very well. 

Ex Cop Donut Shop is still a young business, only starting about a year and a half ago, but they sure know what they are doing when it comes to making tasty donuts. I look forward to trying more in the future.

**Not reviewed for this blog but worth mentioning is Ex Cop's bacon maple donut. It was probably my favorite of the purchases I made. The maple icing was awesome and the bacon was cooked to perfection. I've had bacon donuts before that were heavy and greasy. This was not the case for this one. You should really give it a try!**

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