Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 3 Donut Review: The Donut Stop

The Donut Stop is a local shop that first opened it's doors in 1953. In 2012, they opened a second location in St. Charles. I had no clue this little gem even existed and went at the suggestion of my friend. This place is busy every single time we visit. The only time I didn't wait in line was when I traveled in six inches of snow to grab the sweet fried delights. Hey. I told you I love donuts.

On to the yummies!

The coconut cake donut is first up. Visually, this donut looks good. It's a reasonable size with a fair amount of icing and coconut topping. The cake portion of this donut is fantastic. The outside is a bit of a crunch to it, but don't let that fool you. The cake inside is moist and delicious. The flavor is perfect and not too sweet. The icing tastes wonderful. It's not incredibly sweet and the coconut is not over powering at all.
My score: 5 out of 5 stars: I wouldn't change a thing about this donut. I really enjoy the crispness of the exterior of the cake donut. If ever there were a perfect sugary confection, this may very well be it.

The custard donut doesn't disappoint. It's a bit on the smaller side as far as a yeast donut goes, but not so small that I feel like I'm getting ripped off. The icing is a rich, dark color and covers the donut nicely with no bare spots. The dough is very light and again the exterior has a bit of that crunch the cake donut has, which I love. There's an ample amount of custard and it's a fairly good quality. The icing is perfect. It's the type that isn't too sweet and sugary which we all know by now, I favor.
My score 4.5 stars out of 5: The only thing stopping me from giving the custard a perfect score is the size. If you love a good custard donut, you MUST try this one.

The photo of this glazed donut doesn't do it justice. The glazed is a great size and the color is perfect. It doesn't appear to have a thick glaze. Oh. My. Word. This donut is so light and airy. It almost melts in your mouth. The glaze is delicious and not thick at all. It compliments the dough perfectly which has an almost buttery taste. 
My score 5 stars out of 5: Whoa. I've never been left speechless by a donut, but this one sure did just that. It was perfect.

Hubby grabbed a blueberry fritter instead of the apple, but I felt we could still review it even though it's comparing red delicious apples to gala apples. 
Would you look at that thing?? Now, THAT'S how a fritter should look. It has the great crispy, bubbly texture that really makes a fritter. The glaze is visible but doesn't appear to be thick. Hubby has deemed this a perfect fritter. The glaze coverage is decent but not too sweet. The consistency is excellent and doesn't appear to by doughy or cakey but a nice cross between the two. There's a good amount of blueberries too, but not overwhelming.
Hubby's score 5 stars out of 5:  Hubby grew up in a town with an excellent bakery and they had fritters that were hard to top. He said this is one of the best he's ever had. 

The Donut Stop did not disappoint at all. One thing I can say, they have a very consistent product. It is not uncommon to have a mediocre experience one visit and an out of this world experience the next when it comes to donuts. The grease may be too hot or cold. The dough to heavy or light, but that's not the case with The Donut Stop. When you have been serving up donuts for over 60 years, you develop quite the knack for it I'm sure.

If you're in the south county area, you have to stop by and give these donuts a try.


Alyssa G said...

I want one...NOW! You should be a food critic, your descriptions are great!

Julie said...

I agree with Alyssa, I think food critic is your calling...or open a donut shop ;)

Cecilia said...

Lol. Thanks, Girls. I'd love to be a food critic or open a donut shop. I might eat all my profit though. Lol.