Thursday, October 10, 2013


Give up on guessing what the means? Ok. I'll wait a bit longer for you to try to work it out.

How about now?


Ok. Ok. Ok. In the healthy lifestyle world, NSV means Non Scale Victories. Say whaaaa?

Non Scale Victories. They are just that. Small, little moments which, on the surface, may not seem significant but are every bit as important as what the number on the scale says. Personally, I think NSVs are more important than the number.  NSVs mean real life changes. Changes other people are going to notice too.

I remember one of my first NSVs. I was able to wrap a normal size bath towel around myself and have it completely cover me. I apologize for the awful visual, but this was such a significant occurrence for me. I felt like I was FINALLY making real progress in my life changing journey. Another phrase I'll elaborate on in a later post.

Another NSV I'm quite excited about is being able to fit into my son's Cardinals youth XL shirt. It seems silly and minor but it's exciting all at the same time. Hello?! I can now buy my MLB and NFL stuff from the youth department and save myself a good $15-$20!

I also stole a pair of my daughter's shorts. She didn't care for the style in the first place and they were a bit big for her, but I still like to say I'm wearing my daughter's stuff.

What are some non scale victories you've experienced?

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My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Yes! I can now lay in bed at night and fold my hands together with my elbows touching the bed. I totally know what you mean.