Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bits of Tid

First, an apology. I'm so sorry to not have my donut post up for you. I was incredibly busy this past week. Please forgive me. I should have it ready by tomorrow evening at the very latest.

Bits and pieces from the last week:

Running. I finally got back to running on Wednesday. I had taken a week and a half off. My knees and hip were not very happy with me. My body is not equipped to exercise six times a week. I previously ran four days and biked two days. I thought biking was an easy exercise and wouldn't bother me. Wrong. After, talking with my aunt, I've decided to revamp my schedule. I have my eyes on a couple of marathons in April. I will only run four days a week and will add some core work also. I think this will be a recipe for success.

Baseball. The St. Louis Cardinals were battling for the Nation League title. I was obligated to listen to the games! I'm happy to announce they clinched another pennant and will be playing in another World Series! This has made for some very late nights. Coupled with early mornings, I have been draaaaaaaaaging the past week. I hope I am able to catch up on some sleep some day.

Baseball. Tater had a tournament this weekend. I'm really impressed with how much his defense has improved. It really looks like everything is starting to click for him. His hitting is off. He seems to be doing too much in the box. We need to take him out and get him back to the basics then build from there.

Work. Work has been crazy! A good crazy. I'm busy from the minute I get there until the last second I leave. I may do a few things at home too because I just can't leave well enough alone. You can't expect me to leave something half finished.

School. Homework is rough. D3 has about an hour of work every single day. This also happens to be the time I have to prepare dinner. Unfortunately, D3 needs a lot of direction while doing his homework. Many times Grace will step in and help out. She's awesome. This is good for another reason. I have no patience with my children when it comes to homework. I get frustrated very quickly. It's nice when the Mister is home. He's a trooper which is ironic because he has a very short temper when it comes to many other aspects of life. :)

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. It was a beautiful one here in the St. Louis area!

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