Saturday, September 28, 2013

Our "Thing"

In the land of fairy tales and make believe, I feel couples have their "thing." The "thing" to which I'm referring is some sort of event that couples do together religiously. Whether it's a weekly drink at a bar or a Sunday brunch. The Mister and I have had a go at various different activities. None of them sticking.

We tried a talk night a coffee shop. We did it once. While we enjoyed ourselves, drinking coffee after 5:00pm isn't the greatest idea. Nothing like riding a caffeine high when you both have to be up at early for work!

Another idea we tried was going to the driving range to hit balls and then grab dinner after. Despite me being an awful golfer, we had a great time, but we only did it once. It's hard to plan things when we only have a sitter on certain nights (teen daughter) and Mister gets stuck at work late other nights.

This morning, while doing my core work out, I was fantasizing about having another cup of coffee on the screened in porch. I needed a distraction. I was feeling tired and day dreaming about coffee helped a lot. It was beautiful out and I love coffee. Then, it hit me. Mister and I do have a "thing." Almost every single morning, we enjoy a cup of coffee together. We may talk about our dreams from the night before, plans for the day or we may not say anything at all. Just enjoy the quiet of the morning.

It's not a lot and nothing special, but it's our "thing." On the off chance once of us sleeps in a bit later and we don't have a cup of coffee together, the day seems a little off kilter. The day certainly isn't ruined but I feel like I'm missing something to complete it. I'm certainly not opposed to finding another "thing" to add to our routine, but I don't have to keep looking or trying to force it. It was right there the whole time.

Do you and your significant other have a "thing"?


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I wish I liked coffee so we could do something like that!

Jenni-Bee said...

I wish Gene liked coffee so we could do that. He likes iced coffee, which I don't even consider coffee... it might as well be soda. Not like we have a good place to drink coffee together though. And he leaves super early in the morning too. Oh well. We don't have a thing. I don't think we even had one before Emma. No, we used to, I remember. But it was a quick, 30 second thing. Every day when we'd come home from work, the first thing we'd do is hug. We did that every single day for years and years. Probably 6, 7, 8 years. But, once we had Emma, I'd just hand her off to him and go take a shower. Lol.