Tuesday, June 11, 2013

HHR Recap

Oh, you know. Just writing a race  recap over a week after the race..... Better late than never, yes?

Thanks to a crapped out micro sd card, I omly have but a couple of photos from the weekend. Waaaaaaah. You may be rejoicing though, because I decided to only recap the race instead of the entire weekend. I bet your super sad. You'll never know what was at the expo or what I had for dinner or the awesome snack we found. :)

This was my third year running the half marathon at Hospital Hill. If you're a runner in Missouri, you MUST run this race. I love it. Yes. There are hills, but as long as you include some hills in your training, you will be A OK.

This is my view of the start line from my corral. I've never been this close to a start line. Talk about anxiety and sudden self doubt.

My biggest fear going into a race that I'm wanting to PR is always weather. It's the only element I cannot control. I was so relieved we had beautiful temps at the start of the race. No 80 degrees at start time like two years ago. Thank goodness!!

I made the decision to run with a pace team. I wanted to have any assistance I could to get me to my sub 2 goal time. A good choice since two miles in my morale was already low. My music stopped playing. I had trouble with playlist buffering and thought I would fix any issues by downloading it directly to my phone instead of playing from the "cloud." Ha. No such luck. Immediately after the music stopped, a bug flew in my eye. I can't even make this stuff up. Fine. No biggie. I'll just plug along with a bug in my eyeball and no music. No. Not gonna happen. I needed something to pick me up asap.  I pulled my phone out of my little pouch and got the music going again. I'm so stubborn. I didn't even stop to do this. I just kept running. I contemplated putting my phone back in my pouch, but said screw it. I carried it the rest of the way.

I've been dealing with a muscle issue in my abdomen. The doc said while it wasn't a hernia, it still would be a good idea to get it checked out. What I heard was "Take it a bit easier on your training runs and go balls to the wall on race day." That's what I did. I hurt a lot for a good portion of the race, but not bad enough to DNF. The pain was getting worse on the final hill. I slowed down for maybe three steps. A high five from Elvis got me moving again. I'd come too far to walk now. Good thing Elvis and the pace crew were there to move me along.

Coming up on the finish line for Hospital Hill is such an incredible feeling. You can't quite see the line yet, but you can hear the announcer and the people cheering. If that doesn't get your legs moving, nothing will. I really turned it up at that point. It didn't hurt that in my head I was racing the girl next to me. We had been leap frogging the last couple of miles, and, well, I couldn't let her beat me. The other awesome thing about the finish line at HHR? It's downhill. I knew it was going to be a close call to get under two hours, but I kept on booking it. I hear my hubby yell and cheer for me, and I know that nothing is going to stop me now. The high I felt at that exact moment was incredible. There was no pain. It was just me and the road.

1:59:07. By the skin of my teeth. While I was hoping I could do it around 1:57, I still hit my ultimate goal. Oh, and I beat the girl I was racing.

We finished!!

Still can't believe Mr. 'man Clan went from basically couch to 10k in less than seven weeks. You know what? We are already planning our next race. A HALF!!!!!!

This year was the 40th anniversary of the Hospital Hill run. Medals from the previous two half races joined with this one to make a cool little puzzle. A good friend of mine, who we saw with her adorable daughter after the race, introduced me to the race. I'm sure glad she did. This is some nice bling to have. 

Here are my times for HHR:
2011 2:27:51
2012 2:10:13
2013 1:59:07

When I first ran this race, I remember telling myself that going sub two on the course would never happen for me. I'd never be fit enough, fast enough, strong enough. Lucky for me, I'm stubborn and like to prove myself wrong.

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My Husband's Watching TV... said...

You rocked it and didn't even look tired! I'm glad we were able to find you after the race and congrats on sub-2-woohoo!!!