Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A First

Hi. My name is Cecilia. I'm 31 years old, and I've never made brownies from scratch. No. Seriously. Being the huge baked goods lover that I am, I'm certain you are all quite astonished.

I've always loved to cook. Baking, however, is not up my alley. It takes too much time, precision and patience. I'm much too lazy for that. I want brownies, and I want them yesterday.The big kids stayed an extra day with their dad which made D and me both super sad and bored so we decided to make brownies. Obviously. D was pumped because he's a brownie addict.

I settled on this recipe. I reduced the sugar by a quarter of a cup and used light margarine instead of shortening. I also omitted the vanilla because we were out, and I am lazy. I reduced the cooking time by two minutes.

 D cracking exploding the eggs.

Cleaning up is tasty.

The finished product.

He looks like he's in pain.

Ummmmmm. Baking from scratch really isn't that hard. I was pretty surprised at how simple it was. Don't be getting any crazy ideas. I won't be baking up a storm any time soon. I can't be trusted with baked goods. I'll eat them all until I'm sick. 

Verdict: Everyone loved the brownies except for me. I prefer a chewy brownie. These were very cakey and in my head, over baked. My initial idea is to reduce the baking time by a few more minutes. I am sure the substitution of margarine for shortening had an effect on the chewiness as well. If a second attempt results in a similar product, I'll use oil or shortening instead of the margarine. 


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Meg @ Meg-in-Training said...

I've never baked brownies or cakes from scratch. So you are not alone! This looks delish!!!!