Wednesday, May 29, 2013



It's race week!!! Why am I so pumped for this particular race week, you ask?? BECAUSE MY HUSBAND IS RUNNING HIS FIRST BIG BOY RACE!! By big boy race, I'm referring to 10K. While I am certainly not diminishing the value or fun or importance of the 5k or any race length, for some people, the 10k distance shows more of a commitment and dedication. My husband is one of those people.

Mr. 'man Clan ran a 5k last July with essentially no training. He had signed us both up for my mother's day gift. It is one of my favorite gifts all time because of what it symbolized. He was committing to do something that I love and also get in shape. Unfortunately, he also happened to be traveling at the time, working late hours and was too exhausted to eat let alone run. He wasn't able to train like he had intended. Even with the lack of training and the disgustingly warm morning temperatures, he still ran and finished the race! I was very proud of him. Fast forward to March/April this year.

Hubby made a belated resolution, if you will. He was determined to get in shape by eating right and exercising. I had recently registered for the Hospital Hill Run half marathon. Iwas very nervous about going solo. I'm a chicken when it comes to driving in new places. It's just silliness, I know, but I can't help it! I was trying to convince Mr. 'man Clan to tag along with me. I think I had jokingly mentioned running a race too if he did go. May as well kill some time while he's waiting around for me to finish. He about knocked my socks off when he said yes, but not the 5k, the 10k.

It has been such an awesome experience to help my hubby out along the way. I'm blown away by the fact that he was able to train for this race in about seven weeks with a base of zero miles. I find myself reminiscing back to when I first started running. Reminds you of how far you have come. Treasuring all the highs and lows you have along the way when you train for any race. It's helped motivate me on my solo runs. I'm shooting for a sub two hour half, and I have had a few humbling runs. Mr. 'man Clan was in my head. If he can train in this short amount of time, I can climb this damn hill.

Babe, I am so incredibly proud of how far you come in such a short amount of time. I'm sad that I won't be with you to cross the finish line for this race, but I hope there will be many more in the future. Dig in. Breathe deep. Have fun. You've got this.

P.S. You're a RUNNER.


Mr. Man Clan said...

I am hardley a runner. You "runners" are too hard core for me. Im lucky that I can get in shape and spend some time with you at the same time. Hopefully I don't die so I can meet you at the finish line in less than 2 hours of the start time!

Jen said...

Yay! I'm so excited y'all are doing Hospital Hill together! We had fun when we went, and I just like to say I finished a half marathon - time...doesn't matter! :o)

Good Luck to you both!

Julie said...

Good luck - you guys will do great! I hope to maybe do Color Run as my first one in the fall but we will see!