Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feeling a Little Flat

Mr. 'man Clan flew out this morning on another business trip. He hasn't traveled in a while, and this trip is only three nights. I think we will manage. I sure could have used his help this morning, though.

Today, I was planning on taking my van up to my brother-in-law for a little maintenance. Hopped in and T announced I had a flat tire. Poop. I can change tires. I just don't like to. Plus, it was a frillion degrees below zero. Well, not really,  but it was COLD!

I had the worst time changing this stinking tire. I couldn't get the spare out from under my car. I finally remove it, and get the car jacked up. Then, my jack broke. I had completely forgotten a coworker borrowed and bent it. No problemo. I'll get our super duty floor jack out. Get the spare on only to find out IT IS FLAT TOO!!! Oy. 

Called hubby and fought back tears. He said we do have a compressor, but I'd have to dig for the proper attachement. Awesomesauce. I find the compressor and attachment.  I'm pretty sure both arr older than my dad.

Thank goodness,  the compressor works and the spare holds air. Off to get the tire patched. Wait. Maybe not. The wires are popping out from the tire. I definitely need a new. Double poop.

I decide to hold off on taking the big kids to school. I want to get the tire taken care of and I'm a little paranoid the spare won't hold. I prefer not be stuck on the side of the road. In the cold. With three kids.

I make it to the local tire shop easy peasy. He goes out to check my other tires. Low and behold, the other front tire is trash. Triple poop. The cheapest pair is going to cost me $200. Quadruple poop. And it will take two hours. Obviously. Boy, am I glad I kept the big kids home from school. Sitting at the tire shop with a five year old for two hours would have tested my patience.

While this was a pretty craptastic start to a day, I am thankful. Tuesdays are my day off. How awful would it have been to walk out to my van at 5:30am to that mess? I'm thankful it happened at home where I had access to the floor jack. I would have been up a creek without a paddle for certain. I'm thankful we have the money to pay for the tires. I'm thankful my daddy made me rotate all four tires on my first car before he ever taught me to drive. I'm thankful I have such awesome big kids to help me out in a pinch. A said she was going to treat us all to lunch today too. Seriously.  I'm beyond blessed.

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Julie said...

I know your pain - I had to get all 4 tires replaced yesterday when I went in for just the front being flat :/