Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tink, Tink, Tink, Tink

Isn't that an odd thing? It appears I haven't blogged since November. NOVEMBER??!?!?! Where has the time gone? Let me fill you in the happenings of the 'man Clan for the last few months:

-- Holiday/birthday season has come and gone. From November-January, celebrate 9 birthdays in our family including the grandparents. We are some busy people this time of year. And broke as a joke. We typically don't do big birthday parties because A.) The kids' birthdays are 11/16, 12/17 and 1/11. Trying to get family and friends together around this time is mind numbing. B.) It costs a lot of dough to throw a party. Even at home parties grow out of control.

-- Mr. 'man Clan has been quite the travelling man. He's been flying all over for work. He's doing things ranging from training to running other centers in other states. Quite the fancy pants on our hands!! All kidding aside, I am very proud of all he has accomplished in just a year with this company.

-- WE MOVED!!!! We were able to move over the period of a month which made things so much easier for me mentally. We moved the last of the stuff the week before Christmas. Yes. I know. We are crazy. Mr. 'man Clan was gone for half the month and it was the only time we had. I think I did a pretty darn good job of getting most of the small stuff moved by myself. I disassembled a bunk bed SOLO!!! I managed to not lose any pieces! The Mister was very surprised with all of the work I accomplished while he was gone. Why was this easier? I was able to unload boxes as soon as I dropped them off at the new house. It made for much less chaos on the final moving days.

-- We had a Christmas get together with Mr. 'man Clan's family. Yes. We are that crazy. We had a family even at our house the week after moving. If you think about it, it's king of brilliant. My house will never be as clean as it was that day and it didn't have to do any excessive cleaning because we weren't there long enough to make it icky!!

--Grace and Tater moved schools. I was very upset about having them switch mid year but they were ecstatic. Grace attended this school some years ago so she still has friends who also attend. They are doing great.

-- Crash is crash. He is doing very well in preschool. We have stopped speech. I spoke to his therapist about our moving out of district and possibly enrolling him in speech in the new district. She really felt that he had progressed so well in the short time he was there that he didn't need any more sessions. He still has another full year of preschool ahead of him. If we see a decline, then we can take action at that point. Saying good bye to his speech therapist was so hard. She gave us something amazing. She gave us the ability to communicate with our son. I can never express how appreciative I am for this.

-- Tater made a select baseball team. This was a crazy deal. Tater had played two seasons for a coach that.........was a nice guy but not the greatest coach. Tater had fallen out of love with the sport which broke my heart. Tater's dad heard about a coach that would have two teams: a select team and a house team. One of the coaches invited Tater to come to a practice to see what he thought. If he liked it, we could sign him up for the house team. We went to the practice and the kid played his heart out. I couldn't believe how well he did. Later that evening, his dad received a text from one of the coaches asking him to play on the select team! I am so proud of him!

-- Grace is in choir at her new school. She didn't want to continue band and that's ok with me. I don't want to push my children to do something if their heart isn't in it. When she left in the second grade, she was part of a gifted program. We were very surprised to hear that should we get to go back into the program upon returning! Her teacher is also trying to place her in the advanced math classes. She wasn't sure on the capacity of the class and it being late in the year. Grace is also doing Girls on the Run this semester. I was so shocked when she expressed an interest in doing it. I am going to help out as well. It will be nice to spend time with my not so little girl. Oh! She has a science project that was selected to be entered into the local science fair! I'm so proud of her and her hard work!

--I haven't been doing much of anything, well, aside from taking care of the house and family that is. I haven't been running much which is very hard for me to even talk about. I thought I had injured my quad. I took some time off, but the problem returned. After doing some research, I figure out that it was not my quad but my IT band that was the issue. I have been rehabbing and resting like a son of a gun. I just went on my first run Saturday and things felt pretty good. I'm going to ease back in. I'll start with just 2 days a week for now a couple of weeks and work my way back up to 4 days. I debated on what the best approach would be, and I think this will work nicely. I'm not happy with it, but I think it's what will be best in the long run. Speaking of long run: I SIGNED UP TO RUN MY FIRST MARATHON THIS OCTOBER!!!! Now, you can understand my caution with easing back in. I am going to make sure to finish that 26.2.

Whew! That was a lengthy recap. Sorry to bog you down with all that, but glad it's out of the way. I'm really, REALLY going to try hard to posting on a regular basis.

Until next time!!

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