Thursday, February 23, 2012


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I grew up in a Catholic household. Attended Catholic school. The whole shebang. As an adult, I have distanced myself from the Catholic church but not from God. I'm not sure if Lent is celebrated in other denominations as I haven't attended any. I've been dealing with a lot of issues lately. Some will be blog posts and others are better kept private. It took these circumstances to bring me back to God. I've been praying more in search of peace. I decided with the Lenten season upon us, it would be a perfect time for me to make some changes.

Letting Go
I have decided to give up chocolate for Lent. Say WHA?!?!?! I know. Shocker. I was going to say donuts, but then I realized I haven't eaten a donut in nearly 2 weeks, so giving them up was going to be too easy. Chocolate will not be so easy.

I will also be giving up social media daily from the hours of 5pm-8pm and the entire day on Sunday. These are prime family time opportunities that I am missing out on. I'll put the phone down and focus on what is really important.

During Lent, we will also cut back on eating at restaurants. We need to save money and lose weight and this is a great way to start. Mr. 'man Clan has definitely committed to no eating out in March. I think we can extend that to include all of Lent. We may allow exceptions such as date night or guy night or girl night. We have to discuss the exact details.

The Beginning
I'm also challenging myself to do things this Lent and not just fast. I am vowing to give my husband a compliment every day. I'm not sure if I'll tweet it or post it on FB. I'll discuss that with him as well.

This Lent I am going to pray a minimum of three times a day. This shouldn't be too hard. I find several moments of down time and prayer is a great way to fill that.

The final Lenten challenge is to attend church once a week. We don't have a church currently that we call home. We have one that we have attended a couple times and it's a good fit but it's a little bit of a drive for us. There is a local church we are going to try out this weekend. I'm excited about visiting. I pray it's a good fit.

There you have it. My little Lenten challenge to prepare myself for Easter. Did you make any Lenten promises?

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