Saturday, February 25, 2012

Arps and Craps

I know what you're thinking. She's lost her mind. Arps and Craps?? Many, many, many years ago Grace called it arps and craps instead of arts and crafts. Kids are so silly.

Are you familiar with Pinterest? If you aren't, you should be. It's AMAZING!!!! In the simplest since, it's a place where you bookmark stuff and other's can see it. Anything you can think of is on Pinterest: crafts, clothing, hair cuts, recipes. You name it. It's probably there.

I saw a few pins floating around utilizing picture frames as dry erase boards. Genius!! I decided to make a couple of chore/note boards for the kids and a menu board for the kitchen. These were absolutely free. I found digital scrapbook paper that I downloaded and printed out. For the menu board, I uploaded the paper to Photoshop and added the days of the week. Super easy and super cute.

I'm not thrilled about the gloss paint but it's all I had at the time. I may go back at a later date with a satin or flat. The gloss just isn't doing it for me. The kids really loved their boards. Tater already erased the "act like clowns." Silly kiddo.