Friday, November 4, 2011


I'm not allowed to buy salsa. Ever. Well, I suppose if there were a dire emergency then an exception could be made, but Mr. 'man Clan wouldn't be thrilled. I decided to make some salsa a few months back, and he declared from that point on I would be making all of the salsa in our house. While this is very flattering, it is also a bit depressing. Making salsa would be far less time consuming if I didn't have a 1CUP FOOD CHOPPER!! :o) I bought the silly thing when one of the kiddos was younger so that I could make our own baby food. Now that I am a salsa making fool, I would sure love to add a Cuisinart or KitchenAid food processor to our little family. I know they are expensive but they have the best reviews. And let me tell you, I am all about researching the heck out of a product. No purchase in this home goes without review. NOTHING.

A few tips before we get started:
-While fresh tomatoes taste lovely, Mr. 'man Clan prefers the taste of the canned tomatoes.
-For the first few batches, I used fresh garlic. Hubby mentioned that the garlic was settling to the bottom and making the final half of the salsa SUPER garlicky. I have since started using garlic powder and Mr. 'man Clan said it's perfect.
-When handling jalapenos, be sure to wash your hands!!! Jalapeno juice gets into all sorts of orifices and it hurts. A lot. You can also wear rubber gloves if you happen to have some on hand. I could bring some home from work, but I'm not clever enough for that.
-This recipe in its current form makes a crap ton of salsa. It lasts our household 2 weeks. I do this because of the tiny food chopper problem I have.

On to the good stuff.

1 bunch of cilantro
2 large cans of whole tomatoes
1/8 c garlic powder (This is just a guess. I just dump and taste. Sorry!!)
1 medium onion
2 jalapenos (If you don't like a lot of heat, scrape the seeds and membranes out of the peppers. You can also reduce to just one pepper. The 'man Clan house likes it SPICY!)
juice from half a lime
salt to taste (I'm super picky about salt. Keep in mind the chips are usually pretty salty.)

Throw everything into your food processor and let it do its thang. Or if you are me and have a dwarf food processor put one thing in at a time and dump into a bowl. Repeatedly. Six. Million. Times.

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