Friday, October 14, 2011

Well, Hello There

Long time no blog. I knew it had been a while but nearly 5 months? Whoa. Well, what have we been up to in The 'man Clan lair? Lots of course!

-Ball season has come and gone. Neither kid enjoyed their season that's a little disappointing. Hopefully, we will be able to find some new teams for them to join.

-I ran 2 more half marathons. I did worse with each one. Lol. As the temps went up, so did my times. I have the Rock n Roll half marathon coming up in a week. I've been training like a son of a fun to PR that race. I've been hampered by a quad strain but I'm still setting the bar high.

-Mr. 'man Clan has started running. He's not into training program or running regularly but that's how we all start. He's really enjoying his job. Looks as though he will be traveling soon. He's nervous and excited.

-Crash is nearly 4 years old. Eek. We have him in speech class. I can't tell you how much his speech has improved since May. It's amazing. Even his therapist was very pleased.

-Tater is anxiously awaiting deer season so he can go hunting with the boys.

-Grace has joined band. She plays baritone which the Mr and Tater have cleverly renamed nerditone and fartitone. Crash loves the baritone because the sound is very similar to farts. He laughed hysterically when she first started playing.

That's just a brief recap of what's going on in our world! I hope to keep you all a little more update. :o)