Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PAT Evaluation: Complete

Crash's PAT evaluation is finished. It took forever. 2 hours from start to finish including time to review the results. It was very thorough and the women were sweet. They were all grandmother types, very sweet and endearing.

Crash failed two portions in the hearing testing. This sounds bad however there were a couple of things at play: he has a cold and he lost interest quickly. Both of these the woman told us could have caused him to fail. She did have to right a referral to have his hearing evaluated by a specialist. I'm not too concerned at this point. Let me explain why. The first test measures the pressure inside the ear. Crash's left ear failed and right ear passed. She said this could have happened because of the cold he has and the fact that he is still technically getting over the double ear infection. Ok. Understandable. The next test was to see at what decibels he can hear at. In theory, because of the other results, he would fail his left ear and pass his right year, correct? Not Crash! He passed his left year and failed the right. That makes sense. Oh, wait. No it doesn't. The woman felt he most likely failed because he was losing interest. He wasn't focusing at all and started chatting about things that had nothing to do with the cues. She still had to write a referral since he did in fact fail both. Darn kid. Such a pain.

My thoughts on the hearing portion: Had he failed his left ear both times, I would be more concerned. I will definitely take him for a hearing check as soon as the new insurance kicks in. I'm not alarmed enough to go spend $200+ out of pocket. Mr. 'manclan and I discussed it and felt that was a reasonable decision.

Now we move on to the "interesting" portion of the testing. This was pretty lengthy and I won't go into all of the tests that were performed. Crash is the absolute youngest that can take the test. They test from ages 3-6. It is ok that he didn't get somethings correct and we were given ideas on how to strengthen some areas.

We learned that Crash's behavior is A-OK. They had absolutely no concerns. Score!! This is huge for me. He passed the behavior with flying colors in fact. He stayed focuses, according to them and comprehended what was being told to him. So, he's not ADD. He's just a pain in the butt and doesn't like to listen to his parents occasionally. :o) I never really thought he had an issues, but I suppose you never know until they are actually tested.

Crash didn't do awful in language. What?! In short, he has the words in his vocabulary. He just has trouble pronouncing them during general conversation. The problem solving portion was a bit wacky. She asked questions to which he needed to give an answer and it needed to be the correct answer. Question 1: What do you do when you are thirsty? Answer: Drink the water. Question 2: What do you do when you to go into a room that is dark. Answer: (This apparently required a story.) Ohhhh. It's scary. There are monsters in the room and I turn the lights on. Question 3: What do you do when you break something that belongs to someone else? Answer: (He holds up his tiny fist.) You fight! WHAT?!?! Oh dear. Answer number 2 was enough and then he does this?! Lol. What is wrong with my kid??

In my opinion, this is where he became disinterested. He was asked if he was a boy or a girl. "I'm Danny." Same answer each time. "My sister is A. He's a girl." Completely random. "Mommy is a girl." Very good, she says. What about daddy? Is he a boy? "No! He's just dad!" He even grunts and throws his hands up for added emphasis. At this point, I have hidden my face in my hands because of the embarrassment.

When he finally finished with Ms. Brenda, he walked over to the next test. Ms. Brenda looked at Mr. 'manclan and me and smiled. "Wow, he certainly has quite an imagination." Yes. Yes he does.

The next portion revealed what I suspected. He is having trouble with his speech. :o( They have referred us the early childhood center for another evaluation. From there, it will be determined what sort of help, if any he needs. He may need to meet with a speech therapist or he may be eligible for preschool for something more intense. This is all free. Well, not free. This is our tax money at work. Glad to see it put to good use though.

Overall, I'm glad I was able to convince Mr. 'manclan to have Crash tested. It confirmed my belief that he is having trouble with speech. Now, we can figure out a plan of action. We can fix the problem before it worsens or causes trouble in other areas of his life. I keep telling myself I'm not a bad mom. I'm not a bad mom. If I repeat it enough, I may believe it.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

PAT are great! Glad you got the stamp of approval and know where to go from here.

Angie said...

I have several friends who work for PAT. It sounds like such a rewarding line of work. Glad everything turned out good! Crash has the best imagination every, he's such a great kid. AND YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT MOM! Don't EVER feel like you are a bad mom! Even if down the road there are some learning disabilities or whatever, that's not your fault, it's not anyone's fault.

Linda (our neighbor)'s grandson is 3 and in speech therapy and not only does he love it but he's doing so well with it.

And can you imagine what is going to come out of Crash's mouth when he can learn to use his words better? OMG you'd better start carrying around a tape recorder!!!!!!