Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've seen this on a few blogs I read. I thought it would be fun to play along.

A: Age -- 29
B: Bed Size -- Queen, but I really want a king size
C: Chore Your Hate -- Putting laundry away
D: Dogs -- Lady, she's a beagle mix of some sort
E: Essential Start Your Day Item -- COFFEE!!!
F: Favorite Color -- purple, duh
G: Gold or Silver -- gold, more specifically white gold, not a fan of yellow gold
H: Height -- 5' 9", shortest kid in my family too. Total crap
I: Instruments You Play -- none, in my head I inserted a dirty joke. :o)
J: Job Title -- mom, wife, friend, teacher, sister, cousin, aunt. Get the picture?
K: Kids -- Crash 3, Tater 8 and Grace 11
L: Live -- Missouri, more correctly pronounced Misery
M: Mother's Name -- Debbie
N: Nicknames -- Cec, Cece, C, C-Diddy, bitch, freckles, sassy
O: Overnight Hospital Stays -- uh, 4 I believe
P: Pet Peeve --people who refuse to be responsible for their actions
Q: Quote from a Movie -- Bond. James Bond. Sorry. Nothing really sticks out.
R: Right or Left-Handed -- Right
S: Siblings -- 2 younger bros, 1 older bro and 1 older sis. All of them are much more attractive than myself. I'm at the shallow end of the gene pool. >:(
T: Time You Wake Up -- 4:15. It's as miserable as it sounds.
U: Underwear -- I have some. Bikini cut briefs. No butt floss for me.
V: Vegetable You Dislike -- Lima beans and okra. Blah.
W: What Makes You Late -- Kids, traffic and husband in no particular order.
X: X-rays You've Had Done -- too many to count. I'm a klutz.
Y: Yummy Food You Make -- My fav is my lasagna
Z: Zoo Animal Favorite -- elephants


Angie said...

I have a king bed, it's as amazing as you dream it is.
I also hate lima beans and okra. I also love elephants. I love yellow gold though, even though white is more popular now. It goes in cycles. I adore coffee too. I laughed at your nickname of bitch.

Angie said...

how cool, let's see if I can answer this one. Also need to copy off you and do that whole list thing you have going on... :)