Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Days? Snore Days!

For those of you that don't know, I live in the Midwest. Last week, we were supposed to have the "winter storm of the century." Monday wasn't a huge ordeal. We had mostly rain with a little bit of freezing rain towards the later hours. The kids did not have school Monday because the winter weather was supposed to be starting around 9.

Tuesday is my day off. School was called off again. Ugh. We still had rain at this point with the areas that had ice on them melting because of the rain. Grace stayed at the neighbor's house and the boys were already going bonkers. We decided to make play dough. I jumped on the interwebs and found this recipe. I tweaked it a little by adding Kool Aid to give it a fun scent and added a drizzle of vegetable oil to help with the consistency.

Crash stirring the dough.

Tater wanted a turn too.

Shot of the blue before I added the oil.

This was a FANTASTIC idea. The boys had a blast playing with it. Tater made a comment about how it was a lot like the real thing. I let the boys use the rolling pin, some cookie cutters and butter knives to play with it. This kept them occupied for nearly an hour.

Grace came home shortly after and ruined all our fun. :o) Kidding. She joined in also. They soon became bored, so we decided to make some cookies. Mind you, I wasn't very well prepared for snowpocalypse so I had to make do with what we had. We opted for peanut butter cookies that only call for peanut butter, sugar and and egg. Not the best ever but the kids had fun.

We let Crash smoosh the cookies with the fork. He tried to roll the balls but he kept making patties.

Wednesday rolls around and school is called off. Again. The center I work at made the choice to close because of the weather. And there was only one child who came the day before. So, I'm off work for the second day in a row and the kids are off school for the third day in a row. Oh. boy. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, the kids decided to make boxes for their parties. Grace isn't sure they are doing a party in her class, so she told Tater she'll make one for him to take in case someone in his class does not have one. Awwwwwww.

Crash painting. He didn't need a box but felt left out.

Grace working hard.

Tater and his guitar box. Yes. I custom made his box. He LOVES it.

All the kids working hard.

The kiddos ended up being off school the entire week. A came and picked Grace and Tater up on Wednesday evening. I think overall, they had a pretty good time on their snow days. They are definitely ready to go back to school, though.

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