Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Party on Tater, Party on Crash

Here I am burning the midnight oil. Ok. So, it's more like the 9pm oil. It still is late to me. :p I'm up getting just a couple more loads of laundry in. Busy weekend meant no time for laundry. Oh well.

Saturday we held a birthday party to celebrate Crash's and Tater's birthday. Their birthdays are just over a month apart (11/16 & 12/17). I knew grandparents would be wanting to either stop by or have us make trips to see them. Now, I'm kind of lazy. I really hate driving and I hate having to clean my house multiple times. I decided to go ahead and do one birthday celebration for the two boys. Clean once. Clean up once. Kind of self serving but the boys don't need to know that.

Another reason I lumped their celebration together is because they both are "in to" the same things: Legos, Star Wars, Lego Star Wars. Shoot. Why bother making two different cakes?? This was much less work and all of the kiddos had a blast.

Here is a shot of the Lego man heads and the sweet Legos I made. I did not do a close up shot of these because, well, they were pretty flipping ugly. If you want to make really cute Lego man heads. Go here. My fail came in the fact that I could not put mine into the freezer because I have no way to adjust my shelves. Awesome. The second fail was the cheap food markers a bought. They were from Betty Crocker or something and they SUCKED. Do NOT get them if you are planning on using them on chocolate. They may be fine for cookies but not nothing else. Promise. The sweet Legos were graham crackers, icing and covered miniature marshmallows. I will most likely post recipes later. Don't hold me to it though.

I also made cupcakes. I love cupcakes. They are so cute. I'd rather eat cake than cupcakes, but cupcakes are way prettier. Well, in theory they are. Mine aren't exactly pretty, but the boys were impressed so that is all that matters. I made paper cupcake toppers for these instead of buying something. It was super cheap. Picked the paper up at Joann's for a buck and had the toothpicks on hand. I will post a recipe for the cupcakes later too.

Here are the savory Legos. These were yummy. Everyone said the sweet ones were yummy too, but they were too sugary for me to eat.

The cake. Nothing fancy. I know. It looks like crap. Lol. The boys loved it though. Plus, they got to keep the toys!! Why bother spending money on a Walmart cake that tastes like poo. Make your own. It's not as pretty but still appreciated. (Walmart cakes are perfectly fine. I just do not like their icing. At. All. Or any icing for that matter. I've never had a truly good homemade icing. I stick to the jar. Yep. I said it. I do add some things to it though. Another post.)

The entire spread. See my fancy cupcake holders and vases?? I got all of that milk glass from Salvation Army and Good Will. The cupcake holders are actually just dishes turned upside down. It worked ok.

How could you NOT love these two faces?! Yes. They are wearing matching Lego Star Wars shirts and they were very excited about it. They have another set to go along.

Tater's face in this one cracks me up.

Crash is watching Tater to see how it's done.

The boys had a fantastic time. They have enjoyed each and every gift they received. The cake and cupcakes didn't survive long. Turns out. They taste even better for breakfast. I'm happy to say that all of the other snacks were devoured the night of the party. No left overs!! Either the guests were really hungry or they tasted good. I'll go with the latter.

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