Friday, December 3, 2010

2 Celebrations, 1 Day

Crash will have had a total of three cakes with candles this year. It's not because we love him more. Let me tell ya how this went down.

Grace and Tater Tot were supposed to be going to their dad's on the night of Crash's birthday. Since they weren't going to be home, I just figured we would get a small cake so Mr. 'man Clan and I would sing "Happy Birthday" to the little guy. Crash was pretty pleased. He loved the double chocolate cake.

I grabbed the cake at Walmart in the area where they have day old stuff. It only cost $3, and it was small enough that there weren't leftovers. I didn't really need to be eating lots of cake.

Shortly after Crash blew the candles out, I received a text from A asking if I could keep Grace and Tater. Of course!

I was making cupcakes for Crash's class, and the older two asked if they could sing "Happy Birthday" to him also. Well, sure. Why not?

I made these cupcakes without the oil it called for. Instead I used applesauce. I also added a package of chocolate pudding. Great ideas! Gets rid of a lot of the fat, increases the moistness and the flavor. The kiddos loved them.

I'll have a post of the party up soon. I hope.

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Jennelle said...

I love making semi-homemade recipes like that! Great ideas!