Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy birthday, Crash!

:o( I can't believe it's been another year already. Where has the time gone? I will probably say this every year. It just hurts that he's growing up. He's my baby. Well, he was my baby. You can go here to see the post from last year. I don't have all the old photos loaded onto my new laptop yet. There are some older shots of him there in that post.

I seriously need to stop tearing up. It's so hard when your youngest and probably your last child turns another year older. The milestones are much more bitter sweet. In a year, his vocabulary has increased immensely. His personality is really blossoming. He thrives on the attention of anyone, but especially his brother and sister. I've never seen three kids who have such a strong bond. You can see the love. It's beautiful.

This was the year that Crash fell on the coffee table and killed his front two teeth. They didn't split but they did die. :o( This was the year that Crash REALLY enjoys playing outside. He hates to wear shoes, and often stubs his toes taking huge chunks out. He plays kick ball in the cul-de-sac with his brother and sister. When he sees a car, he is the first one to yell, "Car!" and jump back into the yard. Every single time, without fail. This was the year we realized he is afraid of nothing as he tries to scale across the railing over the entry or talks about the rock wall he wants to climb. This is the year we discovered he may be part monkey, as he loves to climb and jump of everything. Literally, everything. He can't go any where without jumping.

This was the year Crash started using the big boy potty. It broke my heart when he decided he was ready to stand up like a big boy to use the potty. Who is this little man?

This is the year he drove me nuts in class. He NEVER listened to me. He made several trips to the office. This is also the year I changed jobs and saw a huge turn around in his behavior. He was no longer the demon seed.

The terrible two's are gone and we are on to what I hope will be the terrific three's.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

What a cutie! Happy birthday Crash!

Angie said...

happy bday little man!

Crystal said...

Dangit Cecilia, now I'm crying at work! He is the most adorable, smart, innocent little boy! How lucky you are to be his mom and how lucky I am to be his Aunt! I love you Crash!!!!!!