Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Mr. 'Man Clan has a very special talent. He has the ability to kill literally any lawn mower he touches. It may be as simple as breaking the pull string or tearing up the decking on the riding mower. Some times, he goes all out and makes a big production of it by catching the mower on fire. No joke. We have a photo of it framed on his work bench in the garage. He has the worst luck when it comes to mowers. I kid you not, he has killed no less than 7 since we have been together (5 years).
He texted me while I was at work to inform me that the riding mower is on the fritz. Again. Ugh. GREAT! Just what we need when the grass is a foot tall* and has all sorts of creepy crawlies in it. Icky. I told him to just go buy a new one. We haven't purchased a new one. All of the mowers we have had are fixer uppers that crap out. We end up spending way too much money on them. I figure, we just need to buy a new one. He gave me the general specifics: self-propelled, 22" cut. Okey dokey.
Armed with my debit card and 5 kids (yes, 5. I was babysitting) and head to the local Sears. I find the exact one I want. The sales lady asked me if I wanted the warranty. Bwhahahahaha. Yes please. On the off chance that Mr. 'Man Clan does touch this mower, I don't want to fork out a ton of dough to fix it if it should meet the same fate as many other mowers before it.
I'm pretty proud of myself. This is MY mower, not OURS. I even named her: Stella. Hubs started her up once, but that will be the last time he does that.

*Hubs has been working a ton of hours at his new job, so it's not entirely his fault the grass was so tall. I had NO idea how to use the riding mower. It required turning this and spraying this. I just was not able to do it. I am happy to say that I am the official grass cutter for the 'Man Clan Home. I actually really enjoy it. Trimming is probably my favorite part. I like the detailing. Cutting the yard is a huge work out too!!

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My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Stella is gorgeous! I love mowing too. I can't believe he let you buy it by yourself-Matt NEVER would!