Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Birds & the Bees.....Errrrrr The Fish & the Plankton?

I called Grace the other day on my way home from work. Yeah, another 11 hour day. I'm not very good at those, but that's another story for another day. Any who, back to the phone call. Grace tells me that there are three fish in the fish tank. Say what?!
Let's flash back to Easter. The Easter Bunny was pretty kick ass. Instead of bringing the kids candy and crap, he brought them a fish tank. Mom and dad supplied the fish. We went to the pet store and picked out the three perfect fish. As with most newly set up tanks, we had a casualty. Grace and Tater said it was Crash's fish, and Crash didn't argue because he never really knew there were only two fish left. Needless to say, we never went to get another fish. No real reason, just didn't do it. Back to present day.

Me:"Are you sure there are three fish?"
Grace:"YES! I'll send you a picture."

While she is taking a photo to send to me, I call hubs to see what the heck is going on.

Me:"Did you buy a fish?"
Hubs:"Uh know why?"
Me:"Grace says there is a tiny fish in the tank."
Hubs"I told you one of the fish was pregnant!"
Me:"Well, I dunno. I thought it would have laid the eggs by now."
Hubs:"No. It takes a while."

I check the photo Grace sent me while at a stoplight. I couldn't see crap in the photo. Phone screens are so hard to see in the sun light.

I also called Tater and asked him to count the fish. Same answer. There are indeed three fish.

Me:"How did the other fish get there?"
Tater:"I dunno. Aubrey's fish must have gotten pregnant somehow and laid eggs."

I get home and examine the tank. Wouldn't ya know it! We have a baby fish! Hubs said he probably won't make it. The other two will most likely eat it. Bummer. I don't have another tank or the money to purchase one to set up for the little guy. He's pretty cute. I named him Spike. Crash named him Buzz Lightyear. Then he changed it to Nemo. Those are much better than the name for his fish that passed away: Dead Fishy.

Here's are newest edition who will probably meet his maker soon but hopefully not:

That tiny little thing that looks like dirt is the fish. Hey! It's not the size that matters! :o)


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Do you have a glass vase or glass cup or something you could put him in? Congrats on your new baby!

Cecilia said...

Hubs said he didn't think that would work. That the little guy would need the filtration and what not. I dunno. Guess, we'll see!!!