Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Go, Shawty. It's Your Birthday

Last weekend, my parents graciously hosted the birthday party for my sweet little nephew. I can't believe he's already one!!! Time goes so fast. I should know that by now. I mean, I do have three kids. Duh. Oh well. On to the festivities.

The birthday boy strutting his stuff.

Cake is so delicious.

Pretty sure I've made that face while eating cake. I can't blame ya buddy.

Why did you all wait a year to give me this stuff?!?

I LOVE cake.

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! It's mine.

Then it was on to presents. It is a known fact that one year olds really aren't interested in presents. The packaging is always fifty million times more exciting. It's law. Nothing can be done about it. Birthday Boy happened to take an interest with a little help from his beautiful momma.

Mom, the present is down there. Put the card down.

Why did you take away my present?? I don't want the next one!!

The next set of pictures had nothing to do with the birthday boy, but they were funny. I wanted a photo of my mom and Crash and he would.not.cooperate.

Grandma, I don't want to look at the camera.

Tickles and giggling ensue. They make me smile.

The piece de resistance was the airplane car from mommy and daddy. All of the other kiddos were excited about it. Birthday boy didn't quite understand the hoopla. Good have been the fact he was exhausted. Poor little trooper.

Daddy, give me a push.
Yes, that is Crash trying to help.

Crash and Birthday Boy checking out all the inner workings of the kick butt toy.

I wanted to post more photos, but Blogger is much too slow for me tonight. You will have to settle for this. :o)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hey, Hey, Why Don't You Get a Job?!

If you are one of my friends on Face Book(and if you aren't, I love friends!), then you know my hubby recently started a new job. I kept very quiet about it because I didn't want to jinx it.

My hubby used to work for a freight company. I'll give you a hint: they are not the ones with the slogan "What can brown do for you?". I remember the day he got the job. We were over the moon excited. He was getting quite an increase in pay and we thought all of our worries would be over. We thought wrong. Hubs didn't always hate his job. I mean, he didn't LOVE, LOVE it, but he could definitely tolerate it. His biggest frustrations came when he was passed over several times for promotions. The next frustrations would probably have been constantly changing his schedule. In the freight business, there really aren't day time hours. There are hours that are a little more ideal, and he did not have those hours. During the week, we may have seen him a total of 5 hours. The only real day on the weekend we had was Sunday. He would get home from work around 10 on Saturdays and of course, needed to sleep. The family was reaching a breaking point. Hubs was miserable. He loathed his job. He had no bright spots in it and he carried that frustration over to the home life. He tried to hold it inside, but it was just too much. Over the course of two years, he's been checking out new job interests and applying like crazy to various places. Yes, during the recession he did this. Hubby had several inquiries, but nothing really went very far because of the salary he was asking for.

One day while I was at work, I received a text from my hubby. He had a phone interview set up with a beverage company. The position was for the warehouse supervisor. I didn't get really excited. Well, that's not entirely true. I was excited, but I didn't get my hopes up. I try not to. I don't like to be disappointed. I wished him luck, and of course, wanted to know how it went. He said he thought it went well and the gentleman he spoke with said he may contact him again in a week.

A few days came and went. My hubby sent me another text at work to let me know that he was being called in for an in person interview. EEK!! I was stoked. My hubby is a shmooser. He would be really great in sales, and he is really good at selling himself. When he came home from the interview, he said he thought he did a pretty good job and felt pretty confident. Again, he was told he may hear back from them in a couple of weeks. SERIOUSLY!?? I am not a patient girl. Hurry the heck up!!

Fast forward a week. Hubby sends me a text to call him ASAP. Sheesh. Hello! I'm working with 10 two and three year olds!! Give me a minute to find someone to watch my class. Lol. I call him and he gives me the rundown. He was offered the position..........but there was pretty much no way he could get the salary he asked for. Ok. I was a little disappointed, but not deterred. They were able to give a number that was reasonably close to our number. I told him to take it. Hands down, with out a doubt take it. Yes, it's a slight pay cut, but what is that money worth? Is the money worth the fights? The long nights? The hatred you feel every time you enter work? I told him I was ready to accept whatever was ahead. I had spent many, many days thinking about the job situation. I prayed many nights on what I would do if he had a job making less money. Each morning, I was more and more confident that I was prepared for that financial loss if it meant having a happier husband and a happier family.

Hubs needed a night to pray on it as well. He felt confident the next morning that this would be a very positive step for our family. He said there was a reason he opened that particular email. He normally just deleted them of late. God led him to this. God will lead us through this.

Hubby has only been at the new job for a few days, but he loves it. He said he thinks that his stress level is going to go way down and I am extremely happy for that. He has thanked me half a dozen times for my support. Hello! I'm your wife. I love you. I want you happy. Money doesn't make me happy. This house doesn't make me happy. My family is my happiness. There was no other choice in my mind.

Little hint to his new employer: They make my favorite soda, ever.