Saturday, June 12, 2010

Presenting to you The ...'man Clan

I decided to change my bloggity blog up. I actually have another project in the works, and I wanted to give it a similar title to my other blog name. I decided The ....'man Clan was PERFECT. I first started using this phrase when I was signing Christmas labels to nieces and nephews. I was tired of writing out all five names of our family. I decided to write just our last names: The .....mans and the ....mans. It was quicker, but just seemed dull. Then I came up with a brizilliant idea: The 'man Clan!!

Let me give you a little bit more of an explanation and introduce all of the players

A long time ago and far away I married A. His last name is

Grace's first stay of school.

We have two children together: Grace and Tater.

Grace is 10.

Tater is 7.
Happily ever after wasn't in the cards for A and me. Well, not together any way. We divorced, but that didn't really mean the end. It was actually a beginning.
This is A's sister, A and her boyfriend A. We are still pretty close. I consider her daughter my niece and she thinks of Crash as her nephew.

A's parents are known in our clan as Little Grandma and Little Papa. Grace started calling her grandparents this years ago right before Tater was born. It's stuck ever since. We are very close to Little Grandma and Papa. They consider Crash their grandson as well.

These are my parents. They are lovingly referred to as Big Grandma and Big Papa.
I met D or Big D. He is definitely the love of my life. God saved him for me. He saved the best for last. There was a reason he waited to bring him into my life and I am glad He did. Big D's last name is

Big D and I have a son together, Crash.

A remarried also. His wife is A. (I know right, how many A's could be in one family?)
She has become one of my best friends. People think it's really weird that we are so close, but it just happened.

Here is Big D's step dad, B.
Here is is with his mom, S.
And here is his dad, D.
So, you see. The Brady bunch doesn't have anything on us. Lol. We are one big, happy, unique family. And that's the story of how we became The ....'man Clan. :o)

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