Monday, June 21, 2010

No TV for Me

I'm trying to get a post together from father's day, but Blogger is being a PIA and will not let me upload photos. I decided I would talk a little more about not having cable or satellite.

We gave up the satellite a few months ago (3 I think). Everyone looks at us with horror when we tell them, "No, we do not have satellite." "Don't you have kids?" "What do you do?"

Easy. We spend time together. We do have Netflix and a decent collection of movies. If it is too hot or rainy, then we may watch a movie. The key is we do it together. We don't use the tv as something to keep the kids busy or distract them. Even when we allow them to watch, it is VERY limited. They are not allowed to watch until they finish all of their chores. Yep, they have chores too: dishes, trash, sort laundry, etc. Two of the chores include reading for at least one hour and they have to create something, whether it be a poem, a drawing. It doesn't matter. They have to make something.

Obviously, Crash isn't quite able to do many chores. I do flash cards with him to help with his vocabulary and what not.

We typically spend a lot of time at the park playing ball or in the yard playing around. We like to listen to the Cards games on the radio. We have play dates with friends and we have season passes to Six Flags. We recently discovered a park area where you can swim in the river. It's a pretty calm area too. They charge $3 per adult, but that's not bad at all. They have picnic tables and BBQ pits. You can make a whole day of it.

We listen to a TON of music. Generally we listen to Pandora or our own music on the PC. I'm not a fan of the radio. I think the music stinks and I don't want my kids hearing most of it any way. Not to mention, some of the ads are offensive too.

So you see, we really aren't abusing our kids. :o) I am extremely proud that we are able to say we have cut some of our wires. Makes me feel free. I truly feel this has made our family much closer. This has been by far one of the best summers in my entire life. It's all thanks to getting rid of the tv.


Jennelle said...

I think that's awesome, Cecilia! We watch entirely too much TV, especially during the fall/winter. When summer comes around and all of our shows are off the air, it's amazing how much more productive we are! Of course, I'm sure the extra light helps, too. Now if only I could cut back on the internet... ;)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I think this is great. I felt bad because my niece was with me this week and I don't really have any kids toys/games/books so I felt like she watched a lot of tv.

Angie said...

Kudos to u! I watch too much tv but theres not much else to do with a newborn. When he's bigger I want to avoid the tv like u guys.