Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

If you live in the STL, then you know this father's day was brutally hot. I'm pretty sure you could fry an egg on the side walk. I ran out of eggs, other wise I would have tried. Father's day was also the day Grace got to sing the National Anthem with her choir. ON THE FIELD! How freaking cool is that??? We had to drop Grace off at school in the morning. We then headed up to get Tater from his friend's house. Finally, we were on our way to the city. We met A and A at Crown Plaza. We were able to score free parking. Sweet!!

After we met A and A, we began our trek to the stadium. It was pretty much miserable. I was carrying a back pack with 5 frozen bottles of water and 4 non-frozen, clothes, sunscreen etc. I also had my camera bag. Oh and not to mention, I was carrying Crash. I didn't have to carry him the whole time, thank goodness.

We decided to head over to Kiener Plaza to take a few photos.
Crash eyeing up the fountain.

The best shot I could manage since Crash didn't want to pay attention. He was afraid of being thrown into the water. Not to mention, the stone was VERY hot. Toasted buns!!

Tater standing on the waterfall. Crash was not going to stand next to him. If you click the photo, you can take note of his death grip on A.

The tickets we purchased through the school were not the best seats in the house. We were allowed to go down near the dugouts to take photos, which was nice. I snapped a couple of shots while A and I were down there.

The choir was scheduled to sing at 12: 50, so we had a couple of minutes to wait. In the sun. With no shade. It was hot.

The choir taking the field.

As they were taking the field, the Oakland A's starting pitcher, Trevor Cahill, came out to toss the ball around. Here is is on the right with the back up catcher for the team, Landon Powell. I was being such a dork and taking photos of EVERYTHING. I'm pretty sure the catcher saw me and acknowledged me. Me being super mature, I giggled like a school girl and waved back.

I found our section where are seats were. I was even able to see the family!! They didn't notice me though.

My mom is the one standing up. My hubby is sitting to the right. Think he was on the phone. He needed to divert his attention. He's deathly afraid of heights. Not good. Our seats were at the top of the stadium. Oops.

The choir was patiently waiting for the announcements and first pitches. If you click on the photos, I think you can see where I drew a circle around Grace. I took a ton of photos because I really didn't know where she was. I got lucky and found her when I was going over them.

Right before the choir was getting ready to sing, a grumpy old man in a seat behind us got a little snippy.
Grumpy old man- Could you move?
A-Oh we will. Our daughter is getting ready to sing the National Anthem and we'd really like to get some pictures.
Me- It's not like we are going to stand here the entire game. We will move.

Apparently he made another comment about smart asses. A wasn't sure who he was talking about, but it was probably me. :o)

The choir did an o.k. job. It definitely wasn't their best performance. They hadn't practiced in a month and you could tell. I told her the parts I thought they had flubbed on and she said I was right. Their teacher had said the same thing. Oh well. Still a neat experience. I will hopefully be loading up some sound files of their best performances. Not sure on how to do that exactly.

We had to make our way back to our seats when they were finished. I had another encounter with someone else.
Me- Excuse me. Sorry. ( I always say sorry when I say excuse me. Not really sure why. I didn't even touch the woman, but I still say it.)
Woman- I'm trying to make my way through as well. (She kinda had a snotty attitude.)
Me- No you weren't. You were standing in the way looking at your phone.

And then I walked on. :o) I guess people were really cranky because of the heat, and I was obviously in a fighting mood. I'm not usually one to respond, but I just couldn't help myself.

So we finally made it to the top of the world. Ya know, the seats were really high, but we were in the shade and there was a breeze. It didn't feel all that bad up there. I took just a few shots while we were up there.

We stayed until the 5th inning which is a lot longer than we figured we were going to stay. Crash had had enough. He's not one for just sitting around and even with all the grandparents there, he couldn't be satisfied.

All in all, it was a pretty darn good day even though it was hotter than snot.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Congrats to your daughter...very cool! I love your responses to those two people-classic!

Crystal welches said...

I was so happy to also be there to watch Aubrey sing! Brasdley was the one who spotted her out of all of them!!!!