Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm in love with a

iPhone!!!!! I got mine nearly a month ago, and I am soooooo in lurve(as Angie K would say). I use this thing for EVERYTHING. I use it to count calories, play a silly game called Sneezies, listen to Pandora, make all sorts of lists and playing Words With Friends. I am addicted to the game! I have even set up a different account on my iPod Touch. So at any given time, I have 5 games going on each device. HEAVEN. Heaven I tell you. In case you are wondering, Words with Friends is Scrabble, but there is no time limit so in theory a game could take days. This is why you need to have more than one going. Don't want to get bored!!

My hubby made fun of me the other day. I was playing Words on both devices and crocheting. "Honey, you are the biggest nerd ever. I love you, but you're a nerd." :o) That's why he loves me though.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Ugh! I so wish I could have an I=phone but I'm getting an I-Touch and I'm excited about that!!!

Angie said...

I hate you you whore! I totally want an I-phone, or even an I-Touch, which apparently Alyssa is getting. Screw you both! weeeee!

Krystie said...

I'm still in contract with stupid
t mobile, but you better believe in October we'll be switching. Sparky wants an Iphone SO bad.